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John Moses Browning - Creator Of The M1911

John Moses Browning was best known for being a firearms designer. He had been more committed on developing a wide range of firearm mechanisms,...
By Jelly · Oct 14, 2015 · Updated Jul 20, 2017 · ·
  1. Jelly
    John Moses Browning was best known for being a firearms designer. He had been more committed on developing a wide range of firearm mechanisms, cartridges and weapons. And, many of those fire mechanisms were used in the United States’ military.

    Truly, he was the competent and famous gun maker around the world. He was also highly competent and was more than interested in building and designing innovative and new firearms. He also had his first creation during his teenage years, at the age of fourteen. He had built his single shot rifle for his dearest brother named Matt.

    It was from the year 1883 to 1902 that he started designing firearms intended for Winchester. Some of those firearms reached the production status. These were all known and considered to be innovative and ingenious designs.

    Another interesting thing to know about Browning is that he is working on a lot of projects at a time. He also worked on automatic pistols in the year of 1900.

    The M1911 is believed to be a semi-automatic and single-action pistol chambered for the point forty-five ACP cartridge. This also became the standardized-issue sidearm for the Armed Forces in the United States. Apart from it, this was used during the First and Second World War, Korean War and the Vietnam War.

    As per the formal designation of the pistol was none other than Automatic Pistol and Caliber. 45. Afterwards, it became known as M1911A1 during the Vietnam era.

    M1911 was one of the excellent designs of John Browning that utilizes the so-called short recoil principle. This principle has become a part of its basic design. This was even widely copied and because of it, it rose to prominence in the twentieth century. This became popularly known among civilian shooters during the most competitive events of IDPA, Bulls eye shooting, IPSC and USPSA.

    This also became the most respected handgun and was designated by a lot of authorities. This has truly become the finest pistol design to be used by service men.

    The Browning 1911 was truly a revolutionized gun by one of the best gun designers. John Moses Browning was also the designer of the gun and was the founder of the Browning Arms Company.

    This is a great legacy that was fully reflected in the 1911-22 pistol of Browning. This was designed in the United States of America, in a factory situated a few miles southern of Utah. This was actually the same town that Browning has lived. No one compares to Browning as the genius of all men in inventing the greatest firearms.

    The 1911 pistol was also tested in Mexico that was completely wracked by the revolution. This proved to be a more powerful pistol and became one of the favorites of the servicemen in America.

    Browning went on becoming one of the most prominent figures in the creation of semi-automatic, fully-automatic and modern-repeating firearms for a lot of manufacturers. He is also credited with one-hundred twenty-eight patents such as the militarily and commercially successful firearms in the history of mankind.

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  1. mob133
    "One drop of Genius and a barrel of sweat wrought this Miracle".
    Thanks to JMB.
  2. boatdoc
    always like to know more history about our guns, especially about our platform

  3. Mike A
    Something every Boy & Girl should know.

    Thank You