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    1. baove36a
      Thi?t k? website giá r? ch? 500k
    2. 38 Super Fan
      38 Super Fan

      I do indeed own a couple of Super 38s, and I like them a lot. It's a great cartridge, powerful with low recoil, very pleasant to shoot. It's also a very unique cartridge, with a long and interesting history, which I find appealing. If you reload, it's especially great. In addition to cost saving, 38 Super is a cartridge that has been water downed over the years, most of todays ammo belies the true potential, reloaders can get the most out of this cartridge.

      But even if you don't reload, it's still a very viable cartridge, plinking ammo is plentiful and pricing is very reasonable online. And if you want or need hot ammo, there is great ammo out there from Wilson Combat, as well as Cor-Bon, and others that can fill that need, albiet at a high price.

      It's a great cartridge, I'd gladly recommend one, and a little variety in your collection is always a good thing IMO. Good luck with whatever you choose to go with, and keep me posted.

    3. pdogkilr
      just looking around - seeing what there is to see
    4. pdogkilr
      This you Geoff ? Just checking.
    5. Bender
      Hokie decided being a Moderator was not quite his deal. I have not seen him post
      in a while either,.......try GT?
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