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Sep 7, 2020
Aug 15, 2011
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it's mmm, mmm good..., from NE Ohio

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Sep 7, 2020
      Hi Q!
      Sent you a PM concerning your EMP4 post on the 1911 Forum. Appreciate any advise you may offer!
    2. ca survivor
      ca survivor
      Hi: I'm really having issues with a couple of members in the for sale of a Wilson gun, too many want to be moderators/administrators in this forum, thanks C S
    3. Phil McGrath
      Phil McGrath
      Quack, quick question? do you know the front sight cut for SAI Trophy Match? is it the same as the loaded .330x60*?
    4. Soltangris
      Quack I had a Question about the 17rd MecGar mags for the Sphinx... The 17rd Mec are super tight and hard to get into my 17rd Sphinx... did you find the same thing?
    5. chuckpetree
      I have seen several posts from you on the cz znd witness pistols. I just bought a stock2 from buds in .40. I was wondering if you might know of a dood gunsmith for the trigger job, magwell, etc.? I appreciate any info you can give me. Also are the xtreme parts any better than anyone elses?
      1. Soltangris
        Cz Custom, and Cajun Gun Works are the two best CZ trigger ones out there, with Cajun Gun Works maybe having the better wait times... also Automatic Accuracy owned by Matt Mink is the third... I have used all three
        Jun 27, 2016
    6. PDX1953
      How do I warn members about a possible scam or dishonest seller? I made an agreement with member ‘johnlaw’ to purchase a gun and ammunition but when he mentioned he wanted to be paid by a WalMart to WalMart funds transfer I found out it’s Moneygram. We'd agreed on me paying him with a USPS Money Order but now the entire ad has been removed. Something stinks to high heaven & he won't return emails or phone calls.
    7. Felscream
      How much for the GP100? I may be around a month or so before I can purchase but that looks like a perfect match.
    8. snakeman48
      Could you help me with I new thread I posted to the wrong sub forum. I posted it in Collectors corner, and i wanted it in General 1911 talk. Thanks
    9. eurolynn
      Delete my account please
      1. TK Stewart likes this.
    10. tac45
      Ouack, great articical in Feb 2015 G & A on 40 years of CZ ,though you may like .
    11. wahoowillie
      Not sure how to contact you re SA Loaded Target 9mm. Email?
    12. shichidan
      Hi Don

      Sold my Les Baer TRS at the Medina show a few weeks ago

      Was not using it

      Bought a Ruger Commander today in Chardon

      Will shoot it this week and post the results

      Take Care
    13. UGA556
      Total noob question, but who is Crazy John and what does he have that will make me want to give him money? Thanks man.
    14. limbkiller
      You still around or like Paul pulling out
    15. Slick Rick
      Slick Rick
      how do you get to .....my replies....and my posts...you know like on GT
      I replied and cant remember what it was can u help?
    16. Quack
      Ron, I'll ask Trent.

      Gruntmedik, Yes, i'll be doing a trigger tutorial.
    17. gruntmedik
      Are you going to do a Flat trigger install tutorial?
    18. Kokopelli
      Don... If you need Systems administrator help here in the future, I'll be happy to give you a hand.. It appears this forum is taking off.. I'm on most days 8 to 4 and again all evening... What can I say, I have 24 servers to monitor.. LOL Ron
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