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  1. Wilson Combat
    Any issues with these guns? I am looking at one from 2008 that looks to be in good shape.
  2. General 1911 talk
    Found this on the Glock Talk forum ....it belongs here Capt. Jack
  3. General 1911 talk
    Quick question. What makes a Springfield Armory 1911 California compliant? How would it be different to a non California compliant gun? Thanks
  4. General 1911 talk
    this is my 1st gun purchase. I’ve narrowed it down to two I like & need advice on which to get. The Kimber target 2 or the springfeild armory loaded marine corps operator. Please advise. Any info is much appreciate. Thanks
  5. General 1911 talk
    I want to start off by saying 2 things, 1) Buyer beware and 2) I understand that the Emissary is NOT a high end 1911, but this is a lack of workmanship. My NIB unfired Emissary has a poorly fitted slide stop resulting in a rub mark on the frame only after hand cycling it about 20 times...
  6. General 1911 talk
    I recently purchased a NIB Colt GCNM Series 80. It's blued. I haven't shot it yet, but plan on doing so soon. That being said, I plan on giving it to my son next year as a 35th birthday present. I would really like to make it special and have it nicely customized, possibly by a notable...
  7. General 1911 talk
    Good Evening everyone, I was at the range today for some shooting time. Took out my Ed Brown and my Springfield Pro for some exercise. Took my EDC shield 2.0 for some practice also. Anyways one of my good friends was at the range, and asked me if I still had the Ed Brown. He offered me a trade...
  8. General 1911 talk
    and I hate the idea of waiting 4+ months. If I do it it's going to be a Les Baer because they seem to be the only company that you can play around with features and I live in Los Angeles. They don't have approved model numbers. It literally just says Premier 2 or SRP. Bit it doesn't say only...
  9. General 1911 talk
    this morning, i went to a local fish bait and tackle store, that sells reloaded ammo, of many calibers. they have been doing this for many years, not something new to them. but the store in of itself, is like super new to me, i never knew they sold ammo, new and reloaded, until a member of my...
  10. General 1911 talk
    This thing is heavier than my Kimber Pro Carry 2 by four ounces but has more recoil which I was not expecting. Pictured with my Ryan Grizzle City Slicker 2 holster.
  11. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Hello, I'm looking for a used 1911 Non ramped Bar-Sto 5 inch barrel. No Bull barrels. Barrel bushing with it is preferred but not a must. Please let me know if you have one you can part with. Thank you, Ryan
  12. Collector's Corner
    This is an old handgun that has been passed down in my family from my great-great-grandfather who was a Marine during WW1. I'm not sure if this was a pistol he received in the service, but as far as I have found it was manufactured around that time. As you can you the serial number is c114277...
  13. New Member Introductions
    Novice who is in the market for my 1st 1911 & am thinking a Colt (I think) 1911 Govt. My interest is in historical - or at least history inspired - firearms so probably boring to others but not me. I would like thoughts on what to buy 1ST...thanks! I live in metro Atlanta.
  14. General 1911 talk
    I’m currently searching for a Commander model 1911 - 4.25inch barrel, .45, full size steel frame for somewhere around a grand. Here’s the options I’ve been able to find: 1) Colt Combat Commander 2) Remington R1 Enhanced Commander 3) Ruger SR1911 Commander 4) Desert Eagle 1911C I’m leaning...
  15. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Looking for a threaded .45 for a suppressor-hosted gun. Must already have the barrel. Would prefer a 2011 or 1911, not opposed to other plastic choices (though not nearly as interested I’ll be honest). No Glock whatsoever. Preference would be to a pistol which either had an optic cut or easily...
  16. General 1911 talk
    Hi ya'll. Looking at a Dan W. Specialist stainless 45 as opposed to a Les B. 429 Boss 45. Both are safe queen's I'm told. The DW hasn't been fired. Has 4 WC 10 Rd mags, versacarry leather holster included. Asking 1350. The LB is a Boss 45 in mint cond. shot some I'm guessing but little, 1700...
  17. General 1911 talk
    That's right - giveaway. Working with project sponsor VZ Grips, noted 1911 pistolsmiths Jason Burton of Heirloom Precision and Pete Single of Pete's Custom Shop collaborated to turn out a custom 1911 that will be given away. Not sold, not raffled, not auctioned - given away. Go to vzgrips.com...
  18. General 1911 talk
    Does anyone know if the Fed. will release any 1911s this year? It's now October and I haven't heard anything.
  19. General 1911 talk
    I'm new to 1911s but by no means new to firearms. I'm on the fence regarding my first 1911. I'm looking closely at the fusion reaction and the rock island 45 fs match. Both appear to be hand fitted and close to the same features. I'd like to hear comparisons if anyone has experience with either...
  20. General 1911 talk
    Evening, Addicts. New member here with a few new members to the 1911 family. I recently knocked a few items off of my 1911 bucket list and snagged a Springfield Professional and full rail TRP. So far, I've taken them both on two outings. The first was mostly for suppressor ready firearms, so...
1-20 of 41 Results