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    Good morning everyone, For your consideration I have a very good condition Surefire 310R What it comes with: -H10 housing -Shock proof bezel -R30 Bulb -High output LED -Slide stop with extended pin -Pressure Switch -Original box and paperwork What it's missing: -Extended grip screws for...
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    Bought this from Tyler at Cajun Concealed a couple of weeks ago when he put it up for the low, low, "what you see is what you get", bargain price of $275 - https://www.1911addicts.com/threads/1911a1-c-o-arms-dgc-gunsmithing-dream-gun-45.60937/ . At first glance it didn't look too bad, the...
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    My FFL took a 1911 in on a trade last week. He has not priced it yet but when he showed it to me he said it was a USGI slide on a Rock Island frame. I should have taken more time to look at the frame markings myself but I was too distracted looking at Custom Shop SA that he has. I am a pretty...