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    Hello Fellow Addicts, Continuing to attempt to downsize my collection, so I'm going to list my Glock 33 gen 4. I bought this new in Nov 2019. I took it to the range once, and fired exactly 50 rounds through it. It is absolutely like new! Comes with: The original case, 3 mags, backstraps, etc...
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    *Sold!* Hey folks, I’m selling my S&W Model 60-14 for $500 shipped to your FFL. This is an all stainless steel 5 shot J-frame revolver chambered in .357 magnum. It has a 2.125” barrel and weighs 21.4 ounces. This is actually my second Model 60 from S&W; the first had the rear sight milled...
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    Hey guys. I know some may think I'm crazy, but I love 357 sig. I have my 5" Sig Sauer Nightmare Fastback and a Glock 32, but who other than Sig offers a 1911 in 357 sig??