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38 super

  1. 1911 Photo Gallery
    I dug some @Gripwright Cherokee Hill exotics out today and dressed up the 38 super Custom Shop CBOB and my recently received 9mm VBOB. The VBOB is going to go through a transformation with a DLC'd or battle worn steel slide, new sights, Stan Chen TS, WC semi-extended slide/release, hammer...
  2. Bargain Hunter
    Some addict needs to buy this https://www.gunbroker.com/item/893161025
  3. Range Reports & Reviews
    I finally made it to the range yesterday to shot two guns for the first time, a combination of work, back spams, conserving ammo and the range being so busy has cit down on my shooting by 75% of late. First I shot the "new-to-me" Benchmark Precision 38 super bobtail and boy was I impressed...
  4. 1911 Gunsmithing
    Looking to see if it's worth converting my Dan Wesson TCP to .38 super. I've always wanted to convert a 1911 9mm carry piece to .38 super. Kind of liking the feel of my DW TCP 9mm but trying to see if it was feasible to convert it to .38 super but not finding a "drop-in" 4" ramped bull barrel...
  5. General 1911 talk
    I got this idea from a thread by @azguy1911 . After a great suggestion by @BuckyP I decided to start a poll to get the count!
  6. General 1911 talk
    I had been eyeing this on GB for what felt like weeks and finally said "what the hell, life is short" and I'm a two/tone whore so... Serial #0002, wow. I talked with Rob and he built the gun in 2013 and it may go back to him for some updates (it needs sights as they are dated 2012) but I loved...
  7. General 1911 talk
    Just short of 6 months on this build the wait is over. With help of Rob at TRRK I chose the following specs: Forged Steel Full Size Frame with 5″ Forged Steel Slide Tool Steel fully machined Hammer, Sear, and Disconnector-Standard Slide Stop fully machined from Bar Stock-Standard HD barrel...
  8. Collector's Corner
    Hey guys. New here and looking for a little help. I already had a few but my father in law graciously left me his collection of 1911's. (don't hate!) There are several very nice early Colts but one kinda peaks my interest. I have the receipt and he paid about $3500 for it but not sure what it's...
  9. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    It may not 100% qualify as a "bargain" but for a GI with duel 9mm/38 super barrels it's not bad at all https://www.gunbroker.com/item/884476624
  10. General 1911 talk
    I'm curious, just make one post here if you own a 38 super. I'm not interested in how many you own -- just if you have one or more. Go
  11. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    38 super, 9mm, this is a great deal for an addict that wants to dip a toe into 38 super waters https://www.gunbroker.com/item/885628041
  12. General Firearm Discussion
    I've never heard of these but it would be neat to have 38 super in your pocket or on your ankle https://www.gunbroker.com/item/884882284
  13. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Well, if one government is going to leave and break my heart it may be time for this beauty as well. Incredible Wilson, in deluxe blue with all the trimming's, flattened and serrated slide top, gold bead, magwell, recessed slide-release, bull barrel, fluted chamber, serrated rear of slide, OEM...
  14. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Well, I'm just not a Government guy and I would like to order a HC ACW Carry so it make sense that this goes up. I paid well over $4,000 for this spectacular hard-chrome'd 1911 and it's perfect in everyway, maybe 6-8 magazines through it in one range session and it's been in the safe ever...
  15. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Hello Fellow Addicts :usa: I am at a point where I really feel like I need to scale back the money invested in my collection. I very seldom get to the range anymore, so these just sit in my safe. Because of this, I will be putting some pieces up for sale that I didn't think that I would sell...
  16. Range Trips & Reviews
    Work never seems to end so I have to think ahead and carve time out for the range which means make an appointment so I have an excuse to leave and be somewhere. I pulled two 38 supers out of the safe and spent a wonderful 90 minutes at Scottsdale Gun Club throwing over 400 rounds down range...
  17. Caliber Talk: Ammunition, Reloading, and Shooting
    Both by the box and 1,000 count bricks https://www.sgammo.com/product/38-super-auto-ammo/50-round-box-38-super-auto-129-grain-fmj-ammo-fiocchi-38sa https://www.sgammo.com/product/38-super-auto-ammo/1000-round-case-38-super-auto-129-grain-fmj-ammo-fiocchi-38sa
  18. General 1911 talk
    I’m interested in hearing from any of you who have one of the recent run of Competition Supers. I have GMs in both the Series 70 & 80 configurations as well as a SA Loaded Super. Is the Competition offering anything in particular that would make it a good addition to the family?
  19. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Looking for a full size 1911 DW in 38 Super. Valor / Pointman or ...
  20. General 1911 talk
    OK , I'll apologize up front for being ignorant & uninformed on this Caliber . Tried some searches but still unsure - But curious - feel free to take me to school on this - How does the 38 Super fit in between 9mm & .45acp ? Recoil / Cost / which 1911 manufacture has this caliber figured...