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  1. Staccato/STI/2011
    So I am wondering about the Tier 1 AIWB the clips to be specific what does everyone who runs a Tier 1 use? Just the normal EZ Adjust clips? I am looking so I can have things when my P gets in. I have an AIWB now for my 1911 but do not know what make. I know not all like AIWB but I have grown...
  2. 1911 Carry
    For those who carry AIWB, especially with a fiber optic front, this is essential for snag-free drawing.
  3. 1911 Carry
    Those of you who own/use/like/love/couldn't-do-without-your JMCK AIWB holster, I need some help. Getting close to placing an order and I'm obsessing about the details (natch). Please check my maths and let me know if I'm missing anything (I REALLY wish I could try these somewhere!) 1. Claw 2.0...
  4. 1911 Carry
    I’d like to hear what leather appendix (AIWB) carry holsters you like the most so I don’t need to amass a collection of hated/unused holsters. There are other threads on best holsters, but it’s hard to weed out what leather appendix holsters (make and model) are the favorites. The guns I want...
1-4 of 4 Results