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    Bob Campbell published an article with USCCA about a month ago on the merits of the AK for home defense: https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/blog/eastern-cousin-ak-rifles-for-home-defense/ I thought he brought up some fair points. A home defense rifle, or truck gun for that matter, is ideally...
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    I prefer the AR platform. However, Clint Smith said something that I think is good advice, "never assume that you'll get to fight with your own gun." The AKM is probably the most popular rifle platform in the world. So, with Clint's advise in mind, I should probably know how to run one--even if...
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    This thread is for any folks brave enough to admit you’re an AK fan! Bring it! Little Bulgarian help from Arsenal. Top to bottom. SLR107R Sam7 SF Sam7 UF
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    Up for sale is an awesome, fully customized AK47 Mini Draco Pistol! This thing is [email protected]$$! 30 flawless rounds through it and I’m the original owner! Build sheet from SDSLLC: Fully Cerakoted inside and out! SLR Rifleworks - Rail and Gas Tube Mounts Plus - Top Cover RSR - Trigger Krebbs Custom -...
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    Greetings earthlings, Up for grabs is a Custom AK47 with Cerakote both inside and out, SLR forend, and two stocks - Zukhov folding stock and Slidefire AKM Hybrid aluminum ambidextrous setup - the slide fire is no longer made and is near impossible to find. This rifle is unfired. Asking $1,650...
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