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  1. General 1911 talk
    Brownells has Aguila 38 Super+P 130gr FMJ in stock. No deal by any means. 39.99 per 50rnd. 10% discount for $150+ is TAG.
  2. General Firearm Discussion
    I hadn't been in Scottsdale Gun Club in several weeks and I was quite surprised today it looked like the "old" days. Guns and ammo for sale. Just 2-3 weeks ago there was nearly nothing in here.
  3. General 1911 talk
    I live in Idaho and when fly fishing worry about moose attack. What do you think would be the best moose handgun and ammo?
  4. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    50 rounds of Winchester FMJ and 50 rounds of Federal American Eagle FMJ 380 ACP for $60 shipped to your door. I take paypal f&f or venmo. Thanks for looking!
  5. Want To Buy Classifieds
    I recently found a box of the 32-40 and I am hoping to add the other calibers that were available from Winchester. Thanks in advance.
  6. General 1911 talk
    as of 1130hrs - Selliet & Bellot 124gr 9mm ammo in packs of 250 rounds for .55/round! Free shipping for their PRIME members
  7. General 1911 talk
    I signed up for a class next month, and they don't allow reloads. I can't find much .38 Superb, but found some of the UMC metal case. Any of you used it? I have shot some metal case 9mm in my M&P, never in a 1911. I did not notice it was metal case until I got home. Will probably just buy...
  8. Beginner's Corner
    Hi all First trip to the range with my new NH bull. Also a first using freedom munitions. While loading a new mag and slingshot method charge the slide got stuck a quarter of the way back for a failure to feed. Pulling out the mag and the round it looks like the bullet was pushed deeper into...
  9. General Firearm Discussion
    Well, got my big "Mystery Box" today from Target Sports. What a joke. When I joined in March 2020, the promised box would contain ammo similar to what I'd ordered throughout the year. Well, I got an ammo can, a crappy pair of safety glasses, a lanyard and a carabiner. Ridiculous. I know ammo...
  10. Caliber Talk: Ammunition, Reloading, and Shooting
    The former Remington ammo plant, (Lonoke, AK) purchased by Vista Outdoors should be back online soon. Lonoke ammo plant in full gear, exec says (arkansasonline.com)
  11. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    If anyone is interested FOG - has .45 bulk 500 rounds for $1.20 including shipping https://www.fogammo.com/collections/all-ammunition/products/45-acp-hornady-200-grain-hollow-point-xtp-new-brass-500-rounds-free-shipping I have never used their pistol Ammo but their 300 Blackout rocks - 1...
  12. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Currently, 01/07/21 @ 145PM, on the Federal site, 124gr FMJ, 50 round box, limit 2 for $22.99 plus shipping and tax. Just picked up 2 boxes for $61 and change total.
  13. General 1911 talk
    Seriously? What a bunch of A-Holes. https://exammo-com.3dcartstores.com/Sig-Sauer-Elite-380-Auto-90-grain-JHP-V-Crown-Box-of-20_p_463.html https://exammo-com.3dcartstores.com/Remington-High-Terminal-Performance-45-ACP-185-Grain-JHP-Box-of-50_p_444.html...
  14. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    I wanna be upfront about why I'm selling these. I purchased two 500rd bulk packs of Blazer 45 (which is why these come in bags) and I used a little over 100 rds - just enough to find out that two of my three 1911s don't like this ammo and my third one is pretty lukewarm about it too. So I just...
  15. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    My FFL gets a shipment of ammo every week, and I just buy whatever I've consumed - to replenish my stash. The problem is that he hasn't gotten any 5.56 or 223 in over a month now. So what I'd like to do is trade any of my handgun range ammo for some 5.56 or 223 range ammo. I'd like to avoid...
  16. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    targetsportsusa has federal 22lr--for now https://www.targetsportsusa.com/federal-22-long-rifle-ammo-40-grain-lead-round-nose-range-pack-800-rounds-729b800-p-110649.aspx
  17. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    target sports usa has some 22 lr aquilla ammo if anyone is looking for some
  18. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    I have 799 rounds of new 50gi Ammo for sale. 770 rounds of 300gr JFP - sells for $1.68/rnd plus shipping on GI site 29 rounds of 185gr CHP - sells for $2.78/rnd plus shipping on GI site Price to buy this from GI would be approximately $1452 with shipping (see picture below). This is not an...
  19. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    https://www.outdoorlimited.com/handgun-ammo/38-super-auto-ammo/aguila-38-super-auto-p-ammunition-1e382112-130-grain-full-metal-jacket-50-rounds/ Not sure it it’s a legit company or not. I have never used them. Anyone have experience with them?
  20. Caliber Talk: Ammunition, Reloading, and Shooting
    Did not want to derail this thread https://www.1911addicts.com/threads/vintage-45acp-automatic-wadcutter-full-box.114051/ How long can ammo be stored? Name brand or reloaded, would there be a difference?
1-20 of 128 Results