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    Seems as if the swamp creatures at ATF are trying a back door move to help facilitate the future compilation of a gun registry! Check the link from GOA and send a form letter expressing your displeasure. https://gunowners.org/na02152020/
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    Good morning addicts! Got kind of an unusual request. I know I have traded and sold a lot of weapons on here. If I have sold or traded to you could you please let me know what the pistol was and who the FFL was that you used. Maryland State Police and their awesome computer system sill states...
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    They say enough is enough well this is too much! Why on earth after 150 years would the BATF pick now to change the transport regulations for gun powder? Anybody have the real letter that was sent? Can we corroborate this information? This is from The Firearms Blog BREAKING: Latest ATF Move...