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Baer (or Bär, from German: bear) is the surname of:
Arthur "Bugs" Baer (1886–1969), American journalist and humorist
Buddy Baer (1915–1986), American boxer
Byron Baer (1929–2007), American politician
Clara Gregory Baer (1863–1938), inventor of Netball, Newcomb ball and author of first rules of women's basketball
Donald Baer (1931–2002), American Developmental Psychologist
Eric Baer, polymer researcher
George Baer, Jr. (1763–1834), American politician
George Frederick Baer (1842–1914), American lawyer and executive
Gregory S. Baer (born 1952), American lecturer and physician
Harold Baer, Jr. (1933–2014), American judge
Jack Baer (1914–2002), American college baseball coach
Jack Baer (art dealer), British art dealer.
John Baer (actor) (1923–2006), American actor in Terry and the Pirates and other works
John Baer (journalist), American journalist at the Philadelphia Daily News
John Metz Baer, American professor of educational psychology
John Miller Baer (1886–1970), American congressman from North Dakota
John Willis Baer (1861–1931), American Presbyterian leader and college president
Julius Baer (1857–1922), Swiss banker
Karl Ernst von Baer (1792–1876), Estonian biologist
Kent Baer (born 1951), American football coach
Les Baer, founder of Les Baer Custom, Inc
Max Baer (boxer) (1909–1959), American boxer
Max Baer, Jr. (born 1937), American actor and director
Nicolai Reymers Baer, aka Ursus (c. 1550 – c. 1600), German mathematician
Susanne Baer (born 1964), German judge and legal scholar
Parley Baer (1914–2002), American actor
Ralph H. Baer (1922–2014), American inventor
Reinhold Baer (1902–1979), German mathematician
Richard Baer (Nazi) (1911–1963), German Nazi officer
Richard Baer (writer) (1928–2008), American screenwriter
Robert Baer (born 1952), former CIA officer and American writer
Steve Baer (born 1938), American inventor
Thomas M. Baer, American physicist
Will Christopher Baer (born 1966), American writer
William Jacob Baer (1860–1941), American painter
Yitzhak Baer (1888–1980), German-born Israeli historian

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