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bravo concealment
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    I found 2 more in the box that I don't need. Garrett Silent thunder OWB for 1911 with rail. Used but still works great. $55 shipped (on the right) On the left is a Bravo BCA for 5" with TLR-1 or 1s, worn maybe 2x. Sold shipped couple more pics below
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    For sale Like new Bravo Concealment OWB Kydex Holster and double mag carrier for browning Hi power. $50 shipped PayPal preferred.
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    1. Surefire X300 Light. Works great. Been sitting in a drawer and is in excellent condition. No visible wear and tear. Operates perfectly. $140 shipped 2. Bravo Concealment Patriot Holster for Officers 1911, New and unused. $40 shipped 3. Galco Triton IWB...
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    After my recent range trip I realized I really don't care for my M&P. It has an Apex sear and trigger kit, 10-8 brass bead front sight, and plain black rear, Surefire X300 Ultra, undercut trigger guard, 7 magazines, 5 have 10-8 base pad, Raven Concealment holster, Bravo Concealment double mag...
1-4 of 4 Results