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  1. 1911 Photo Gallery
    There's not a ton on the forum of Combat Precision. Small custom shop for those who haven't heard of them, owner's name is Chris James. Here's my Combat Precision 2011, it's one very nice shooting pistol. Red dot cut......the slide is actually wider where the optic goes. It's probably a...
  2. 1911 Photo Gallery
    A few weeks ago, it acquired three really nice additions to my collection. The first is a Bunker Arms in 9mm, which was bought from an estate sale. The piece has remained un-fired since it was purchased new. I'll be shooting this one in the next week or so. The second is a Combat...
  3. General 1911 talk
    Finally decided to take my 1911 addiction to the next level and invest in a full custom build. Chris James of Combat Precision has always caught my eye due to his build style...His pistols come across as hard use tools, and it will be used...hard :cool: While I wait, if any of you have a Combat...
  4. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Letting this one go to pay for some rifle work. Unused, railed, carbon steel full size frame. Used cold blue and smothered in oil to prevent rust. $215 shipped
  5. 1911 Photo Gallery
    This build was as noted for LEO customer. Some Highlights of the build: Kart NM Barrel 20 LPI @ 60 degree checkering Chen Magwell Flat top with pattern Slant cut Rear Slide with Serrations CPT Slant 7 Cocking Serrations CPT Gunship Gray Cerakote Harrison TS and Slide Stop Bushing, Grip...
  6. 1911 Gunsmithing
    Having missed out on Shot Show again this year, I was not going to miss out on the NRA show. Especially since it was in my back yard this year. I meet up with the good people at Freedom Munitions to discuss a project that we had been talking about doing and hopefully wrap up most of the...
  7. Competition 1911's
    Well, I was lucky enough for my brother to come out and shoot the match here all the way from TX. We had a GREAT time, laughed a lot and he finally put some rounds through his new Glock 19 ( He never fired it before this match)had a blast !! Ended up 11th overall and 1st in Single Stack by a...
  8. Competition 1911's
    Had our 3rd Tuesday of the month indoor match at the Trading Place Range had a decent night 3rd overall and 1st place Single Stack. Stage 4 El Prez Plus 1 ( 4 targets and start w/8 rounds) I killed it raw time was 6.92 down 12 points (+6 sec) for a 12.92 overall time.
  9. Competition 1911's
    Had a GADPA Match out at South Rive Gun club today. We gave the USPSA guys our weekend last month so they gave us this one and we have our regular match weekend over labor day. Had a pretty decent match 1st Place Single Stack and 8th place overall only Single Stack in the top 10 today....Pistol...
  10. Competition 1911's
    Our May GADPA match we let the guys that wanted to run PCC shoot the match....They killed us. I ended up 5th overall ( behind the PCC guys) and obviously 1st in Single Stack Match Video :
  11. Competition 1911's
    Had our local indoor GADPA Match tonight...Man what a good time had some great stages and ended up 3rd overall tonight...After the TX IDPA Match my plan is to take a little extra time and keep the points down to a minimum. Match Video
  12. General 1911 talk
    So for the second time since 2014 I did a complete teardown and cleaning of Snap Crackle Pop....She was NASTY. However, the slide stop shows very good contact with the barrel feet.... In all her nasty-ness After the cleaning :) And back in action
  13. Competition 1911's
    This past Friday The Mumford Coldwater shooting team flew west to Waller/Bellview TX for the 2017 Gulf Coast Challenge IDPA Match on Saturday. And I stunk on ice. I was 10th out of 11 in the CDP Expert Division. Had a horrible stage 11 and even earned me a Flagrant Penalty for faulting the Cover...
  14. Competition 1911's
    We had our weekly indoor GADPA Match and all in all it was okay. I did manage to pull off a stage win ( Stage 4) but due to some operator headspace and timing issues I only got Stage 1 & 2 on video. Stage 2 was a classic vapor lock of cranial cavity..But here it is, in all it's GLORY, so before...
  15. Competition 1911's
    Had our 1st Tuesday of the month match tonight...we got in 7 simple but challenging stages and for the record....I freaking ROCKED stage 5, 5.60 seconds, zero down. I was 4th overall and 1st in Single Stack
  16. Competition 1911's
    Had our weekly indoor Match ( last night was IDPA) Not a lot of movement but we got in 6 solid skill stages, very challenging. 5th place overall...Since I am the only one shooting CDP doesn't matter other than I was 5th.....Stage 2 was pretty tough...take 3 mags load 6,7 and 8 rounds mix them up...
  17. Competition 1911's
    So I had some shooters that needed to have a classifier for an upcoming sanctioned match. So here it is in all its glory fault lines and all. 72 rounds 3 Stages. 72 Rounds 3 Stages Stage 1 34.56(10) Stage 2 19.30(3) Stage 3 45.85(11) I ended up with a total time of 99.71.
  18. Competition 1911's
    So we ran our first IDPA match tonight under the new rulebook, to be honest, it's not too bad just a little different. Ended up 1st in CDP and 4th overall...Decent night enjoy the video. We're shooting the classifier tomorrow night.
  19. Competition 1911's
    Happy new year everyone...We had our 2016 Indoor GADPA Championship match tonight..All the indoor matches shoot the same COF and tally up the scores to see who wins. We actually WON as a Club last year vs all the other indoor clubs so we've gotten better as the years have passed. The last...
  20. Competition 1911's
    Great Match from our Gang tonight....4th place out of 14 Overall ( 1st Place Single Stack)
1-20 of 38 Results