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  1. 1911 Photo Gallery
    While I am waiting for two of my birth year Colts to be built by Jason, I have been revisiting two of his builds I currently have. They are the perfect balance of Simplicity and Function. Classic, yet modern at the same time. His technique consists of chipping away everything superfluous in...
  2. General 1911 talk
    I am certain I am not the only one who when you buy a gun you have been looking for goes on a deep dive for every bit of info you can find on said gun before it arrives. On such a dive yesterday regarding my purchase of a @Bunker Arms 10mm, I found this whopper. I have heard some doozies in my...
  3. General 1911 talk
    Finally got a chance to have base guns and slide/frame ready for Tim to build me a carry duo set. A sidewinder based on Kimber Ultra Carry (didn’t know ultra carry but not ultra carry II model is so hard to find). A chopper CCO based on JEM officer frame (with square trigger guard and my...
  4. General 1911 talk
    Stumbled across a short video on YouTube they posted a few years back with one of the 9mm guns shooting a quarter inch 5 shot group at 50 yards. The gun isn’t in the video so difficult to verify, but seemed impressive. Looked them up and he’s a Bob Marvel student...
  5. General 1911 talk
    Well I finally made it to the range today to break in the boss I shot a total of 560 rounds mostly PMC bronze some Winchester white box and a box of liberty civil defense rounds and it performed awesome I did have 1 failure to feed at around 250 ish rounds but that was it the thing is Super...
  6. General 1911 talk
    Well new to 1911addicts but here is my brand new les baer BOSS that I just picked up this evening I can’t wait to get to the range and break it in
  7. General 1911 talk
    Acquired this older Springfield frame a while back which was topped with a Colt slide and high mount Bomar. @Karl Beining got the top end to no one's surprise. Built a solid shooter off the frame with a little rat tail and ring hammer. All new tool steel parts and some modern sights.
  8. 1911 Photo Gallery
    Haven’t seen his builds quite often. I only have one of his tactical carry build. Would love to see his classic and peerless builds. Thanks for posting!
  9. General 1911 talk
    Over the course of about the last year and a half this community has been a tremendous resource for someone relatively new to the platform. I just want to thank everyone for all the information and resources. This estate sale Springfield had some comments on my initial introduction post a few...
  10. General 1911 talk
    A little background this is the first custom pistol I ever had built. I bought it used out of a local pawn shop 20 years ago and immediately took it to a good friend that was (he's passed on now) a very reputable gunsmith. He worked with my limited budget and made this what it is today. As such...
  11. General 1911 talk
    I have talked to quite a few of you on some of the other posts and threads. Our goal is to offer a hand built 1911 for the cost of many factory 1911s. Here is our first model release. It is a commander size with a number of options available. Yes we are taking orders at this time. If you...
  12. General 1911 talk
    Hello All! I am looking for some inspiration. I was hoping some folks could share some pics/stories of the most interesting/customized 1911! Porting, slide windowing, melting, other misc modifications....you name it! I am saving the funds to do a dream build, and I want it to be 100% my own.
  13. General 1911 talk
    A few days ago I was at my lgs, a small home based shop, picking up a transfer I had sent to him. While talking with him I notice a tag that said "Colt 1911 $850". The gun counter was dark so I couldn't tell much about it so I ask him to grab it. He told me he bought the pistol off a older...
  14. 1911 Photo Gallery
    Happy Friday, addicts. Stay warm! A set of Yost, Burton and Brian just brings me the warmness☀️♨️.
  15. General 1911 talk
    We have some of the finest 1911 gunsmiths in the world as active members of this forum, and Im hoping I can get most, if not all, to play along in this thread. I would love to see a photo of your personal EDC pistol. Come on, show us what you're currently carrying!! Im throwing out a few...
  16. 1911 Gunsmithing
    Found this an interesting listen. About 30 min long.
  17. General Firearm Discussion
  18. General 1911 talk
    I bought this milspec for a base. Never fired it sent it straight to my friend Steve. My spot is drawing near. Now I'm putting together a rough build sheet so I can refine what I really want. I know accuracy and carry package is a must as this will be my edc. Magwell is without question and...
  19. General 1911 talk
    I've ordered my last WC, at least for the foreseeable future. I've basically exhausted all the options and build configurations that I like with them, so I'm starting to branch out. Been researching a few custom options. While they all offer things I want, each isn't the "perfect" build in my...
  20. General Firearm Discussion
    It was January 1st, 2021. I had placed my deposit, and then the wait started. Yes, it was GRUELING. But was it worth it? Yes. I won’t do a full review here but if you have any Questions about it or are considering one, let me know, I’ll help as much as I can.
1-20 of 114 Results