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    Looking to trade my Cobra Carry LW. I'm not the first owner and it was an impulse buy. I'm going to include lots of pictures here to show any signs of wear. It's an early gun due to it's 4 digit SN. I'm sure it's a gen3 coating. I have not shot the gun because I haven't been to the range in...
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    In the past, due to the need to pay for chemo for the last 6 years, my 1911 purchases have been few and far between and when I did buy, Dan Wesson was as high end as I got. About 2 weeks ago, I traded for a lightly used, older (2006 build date) Ed Brown Special Forces, carbon steel, bobtail...
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    Ed Brown EVO KC9 $1,705 Shipped. I wish this was in stainless. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/878371491
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    Sent my Ed Brown Kobra Carry off to Ed Brown a couple weeks back and just got it back today...they did a phenomenal job re-furnishing an already great pistol. Anyway, just wanted to show the great job they did. Much appreciated.
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    curious what they think? I see way more postings about the bobtail than the CCO
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    Want a two/tone Ed Brown Executive Target in 38 super? https://www.gunbroker.com/item/863417308 I'd prefer someone else buy so I don't have too :cry:
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    * WITHDRAWN * Going to hang onto this - just might put some different items up, though... :) Up for sale is a very clean Ed Brown Executive Elite 1911 in .45 ACP. This pistol features: * EB’s Gen3 finish * Naked slide * 10-8 U-Notch plain black rear sight * Gold bead front sight * Serrated...
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    1911 fans I am very new to this site and to 1911’s. I apologize for talking about Gun Broker but I found this one that looks pretty inexpensive. The guy paid $2495 and it has a price of $1225. It has an ambi safety but it looks brand new. However I am puzzled at the low price. I know that the...
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    I have nothing to do with it but was cruising GB and came across this, I bet it can/will be had for the minimum bid and that's pretty damn well bought https://www.gunbroker.com/item/854839961
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    I bought another Ed Brown :roll: for years I had wanted a SS Kobra Carry in 9mm as I had always lusted over Ed Brown stainless steel. I saw one on GB that was at a good price and had to make a move on it. There's something about those snakeskin rear cocking serrations and the front strap and...
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    Does anyone have one of these: an EB Kobra Carry in standard SS or a LW model in 9mm or 38 super. I've been wanting one awhile but they are few & hard to find. My main question if anyone had/has one is the accuracy, build quality, and an overall opinion of these compared to a NH or WC. I've...
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    I guess less expensive and more mass production is their new game plan The EVO CCO Lightweight is the ultimate carry gun! Our smallest, thinnest and lightest 1911 offered to date. Optimized for 9mm, the EVO-CCO9-LW retains 100% 1911 controls and handling characteristics. Built on our...
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    So a few nights ago, I saw an Ed Brown 1911 advertised for sale here on the forum. A little bit of research later, I’m on EB’s website getting to know their model lineup better when I see “in-stock firearms” and, within that section, “certified trade-ins” or some similar language. And listed...
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    I'm going to make some addicts day, hopefully. You don't see many Brown's for sale here on the forum and even fewer CCO Lightweights. This one is 11 months old, I had it built, it cost $3,875 with the following specs. Black G4 Finish Kobra Snakeskin Treatment on Rear Cocking Serrations, MSH...
  15. General Firearm Discussion
    Anyone want to take a guess on/if a custom serial # really impacts the price of say a highly optioned Ed Brown ? Would you not care if the price is right? Would always care regardless of price? ;)
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    Ed Brown Special Forces Commander with Bobtail. 4.25” barrel. Comes with 2 magazines(1 Chip McCormack, 1 Kimber). Also comes with VZ alien textured grips along with original Ed Brown wood grips. Comes with original Ed Brown bag too. In great condition. Zero malfunctions. $1750 Shipped CONUS.
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    Is the KC9 California approved? The most common question we received about the new Ed Brown KC9 was, “is it CA approved?”. The simple answer is no, it is not, and will not appear on the CA roster. However, the KC9 upper will be available as a “retro” option. This means you can have the KC9...
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    So does Ed have 9mm down with feeding hollow points through a unsupported feed ramp?
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    Found this the other day and put money on it at my local gun store. Can't wait to pick her up. So what do you guys think?
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    The Ed brown kobra full size 45 is really appealing to me. only thing I'd change is I'd like to bob tail the full size. how much would that usually cost? I'm a poor guy so I probably can only get one really nice 1911 would the Kobra be a good one and only high end option. If you have one please...