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    What is required by law if any, to gift a gun to a family member. My 36 year old daughter recently acquired her CC permit in Florida where we both reside. I want to gift her a pistol that I purchased.
  2. 1911 Photo Gallery
    I've been busy adding to the collection, what should be next ;) I'm thinking a Dan Wesson 38 super stainless steel Vbob out of the custom shop. From left to right, top to bottom: 9mm DW Guardian 9mm Ed Brown CCO Lightweight 9mm Kimber Ultra Aegis 9mm WC Sentinel Compact 38 super WC...
  3. General 1911 talk
    My brother came up to help with some minor home repair work over the weekend, and I couldn't help but laugh a little when we took off our guns. Our guns are just like us. They have the same DNA, but enough differences to make them unique. Does anyone else share the 1911 love affair with...
  4. 1911 Photo Gallery
    More to come......
  5. 1911 Photo Gallery
    This is my latest addition boys and girls..... Enjoy
  6. General Firearm Discussion
    from Rwanda. Mom has been a victim of political and sexual violence. I've been talked into teaching her about firearms and how to shoot. I've decided that I am only good enough to teach the basics, and the 4 rules. Something else, English is her 5th language. I could use some ideas and a...
  7. Collector's Corner
    Good Evening, I'm actually posting this for a very good friend of mine and a piece of history that is in his possession. A good friend of mine and I took his grandfather's 1911 service pistol from WWII out this past week and put about 50 rounds through it. We know it was his service pistol as...
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  9. General Firearm Discussion
    So far this is my Colt family tree 1903 Hammerless - GGrandfather SAA - GGrandmother 1911 GI - Father Colt Python - Step-father 1911 GCNM - Mother (actually mine, but holding the spot for hers)
  10. General 1911 talk
    I recently picked up a Springfield TGO 1 to go alongside my Pros (older version with Nowlin barrel and newer railed version). Here are a few pictures after clean-up from a recent range trip (first time shooting the TGO 1). All of them shoot better than I can--they're "keepers."
  11. General Firearm Discussion
    not sure if this is the correct location for this topic, but I find it kinda crazy that the basis of the argument appears to be "its fundamentally unsafe to give machine guns to children...I'd like to see somebody take responsibility for what happened to my Dad" when it was her dad that was the...
  12. Beginner's Corner
    I received this ser. 231, 1911 from my dad, not really understanding how precious it is. In excellent un-restored condition w/two tone mag. It will not leave the family for any reason. I don't shoot it anymore.
  13. Revolvers
    A new family portrait for your viewing pleasure. My trio for each of my stepkids to remember me and our love of shooting when I have left this life. A few more deals have been found and added... only one more to go for a complete set. Model 66, all P&R 2.5"/4"/6" for my oldest. Model 19, P&R...
  14. Range Reports & Reviews
    So picked up a Pro during a recent trip to El Paso, TX/Las Cruces, NM. So rounded up family and headed to Butterfield shooting range in Las Cruces, NM (awesome FREE range with various 50-75 yard berms and a long range shooting area to boot). Guns were Springfield Pro, TRP (both non railed), HK...