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    The Smallest – Bestest – Pocket Light – There is? A Stocking Stuffer that will be loved by all. A light for you in the darkness when all other lights are too large… What has it gots in its pockets?? I do computer tech stuff for a living, well at least until the bug hit. I often find myself...
  2. Gear Talk
    An almost EDC thrower. A coat pocket light that can double as a hand warmer/branding iron. I got this light on Amazon. It’s $49.99 currently. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B081JL73Y8/ref=twister_B08135W316?_encoding=UT... I’m not providing a link to the WOWTAC page as two different browsers tell me...
  3. Gear Talk
    Just saw this on instagram a few days ago and thought the were badass, never seen something like it before but im def going to order one. Have no idea what all lights they fit but im pretty sure they can double as a grip and knuckle if needed. I thought they were cool at least.