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  1. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Looking for a .210 high Novak type cut front sight. Open to just about any type.
  2. General 1911 talk
    New to me CQB is shooting low by about 2" @ 25 feet. Not low left, just low. So a lower front sight? How much lower? Thanks
  3. General 1911 talk
    I googled this topic and saw lots of old threads across different forums so I wanted to see if anyone is aware of new products or custom modifications to front sights. I very much prefer a target type setup for pistols: thin front post, narrow square notch rear. I understand this might not...
  4. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    I need one .165 -.170 high would be perfect for my DW Valkyrie, the .140 shot too high. White ring night sight would be my first choice but any white dot, plain vial, orange/ yellow ring....... well you get the point. Mine is .070 thick measured next to the blade. A little thicker I can file, a...
  5. General 1911 talk
    Hey folks, I'm thinking of getting my Springfield mil-spec slide machined for a front sight novak dovetail. It already has a 10-8 NM rear sight with a .140 u notch and I was wondering what everyone here preferred for a front sight to match with that. The 10-8 website states it's compatible with...
  6. Training
    Was listening to The Dana Loesh show the other day and heard a promo add for a “FREE” 4 day course at Front Sight training facility near Las Vegas NV. I signed up right away to see what the deal (scam) was and was surprised to get signed up without a hitch. Says you can choose your dates with...
  7. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Anyone out there have one of the discontinued Trijicon front sight staking tools they would like to part with? Please contact me if so, I'd like to purchase one. Thanks!
  8. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Solution found - went with the SDM - very reasonable - thanks for all the suggestions ... Ed Brown .180 height needed - will consider gold bead (preferred), f/o or the hi-viz if someone has one they have tried and taken off for whatever reason. Replacing the sight on a favorite Kobra Carry LW...
  9. 1911 Gunsmithing
    Does it matter which side you remove/install Springfield front sights from?
  10. 1911 Gunsmithing
    Hi all - I'd like to replace the stake-in front site on my Springer V-10, ideally I'd like to have a Novak cut dovetail but I'm not sure if there is enough material because of the port vents. I need something that pops for my (aging) eyes like a Gold Bead or .. So what are your thoughts - do I...
  11. General 1911 talk
    Having a helluva time finding a black, serrated stake on front sight of the proper height, which should be about .160” tall, I believe. Anyone know who carries one? Rear is a Harrison retro. He’s got a .175, and that’s my go-to if I can’t find anything else.
  12. Beginner's Corner
    Hi all, new member here. I'd like to replace the sights on my 1911 (rear will be the 10-8 NM sight; front is still up for debate but something thinner than the current stock front sight). It's a bone-stock reproduction Colt 1911 series 70 and will be used for plinking, perhaps a class or two...
  13. 1911 Gunsmithing
    Greetings, I bought my very first 1911 about a month ago, a Dan Wesson A2 (5in, Govt. size). During the first range session with it I discovered the sights are set up for a combat sight picture, i.e. a 6 o'clock hold (at the standard 25yards). I prefer POA=POI so I'm going to be replacing the...
  14. 1911 Gunsmithing
    So when I bought my X9 it came equipped with the night sight...but also has the green FO sight. I wanted to change it out to try the fiber on it, but after removing the screw, I can't get the front sight to budge. I'm scared of pounding on it, so all my efforts have been with just trying to do...
  15. 1911 Gunsmithing
    OK...decided to install a Fiber Optic front sight on my Kimber Stainless II that I bought recently (used) since I'm looking to use it for some USPSA shooting. The black-on-black sights aren't good for me, and I bought a Fiber Optic for a Kimber from Dawson Precision. Today I tried to remove...
  16. 1911 Gear
    So I sent my ol 5" CQB to Wilson in reference some minor issues. I've been carrying this weapon since the late 90's as my primary SRT pistol. Upon retiring from the big PD I went to work with a small dept as their range officer. I have always painted my front sight in an effort to pick it up as...
  17. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Bought from Operation Parts. Same as new condition. Absolutely perfect. Very solid and extremely well machined. .750 bore. Also, made in the U S A by PRI. Cost $ $190.00 new. Id like to get $135.00. Still need funds for my RECCE build. Thanks for looking.
  18. Nighthawk Custom
    Traded into a two tone Hard Chrome Talon, 2014 build. I’m really excited for this one! I’ve ordered up a CCP Flattie, a BEC Rear, and came across a Bulman Gunleather IWB Holster. Two things left to make this ready for Carry: a new front sight, and eventually a set of Wood flat bottom magwell...
  19. 1911 Gear
    I am replacing the front sight on my G19. I went to Dawson Precision and they have too many different options. It's one of the Vickers guns, so it already has a U notch rear which I'm fine with. How do I choose the right size front sight? Thanks...
  20. General 1911 talk
    I’d like to replace the front sight on my V-Bob, preferably a night sight with an orange or red outline or (ideally) a fiber-optic/night sight combo. Does anyone know of anything available? I’m having a hard time finding one. Thanks! Jonathan
1-20 of 39 Results