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  1. General 1911 talk
    What is the 1911 Addicts' consensus on Fusion? Are they accurate, reliable and well built guns? I was concerned years ago, but I know that companies evolve and improve. What is your experience with them?
  2. General 1911 talk
    I have been looking at fusion 1911's. Where would you classify/rank them?
  3. General 1911 talk
    Hello. I'm in the market for a relatively basic 1911 in 9mm. All my other ones are in .45 ACP. I'm looking for one in 9mm because I want a softer shooting 1911 for my wife/daughter, who both like the 1911 trigger more than the striker fired alternatives. I am fairly well versed in the market...
  4. General 1911 talk
    I'm wondering if a 38 super firing pin is any less durable and/or reliable than a standard 45 firing pin. I ask because I'm thinking of getting a new 1911 and am wondering if that should be part of the criteria I use to decide which one to get. Also, I'm a pretty big fan of slim grips; are...
  5. General 1911 talk
    I'm new to 1911s but by no means new to firearms. I'm on the fence regarding my first 1911. I'm looking closely at the fusion reaction and the rock island 45 fs match. Both appear to be hand fitted and close to the same features. I'd like to hear comparisons if anyone has experience with either...
  6. General Firearm Discussion
    Guys if you don't mind, been getting interested in the Fusion Riptide I think it's called. I have no experience with their pistols (especially in 9mm). So if any of you do and don't mind, could I get some feedback on their products/pistols with pictures if you don't mind. I've handled some...
  7. General 1911 talk
    Was wondering what other brands you would consider the fusion firearms freedom series to be comparable to?
  8. General 1911 talk
    So I bought a Fusion CCO in 9mm today. I don’t know anything about their Freedom Series other than it’s their mass production line. It appears to be a decently built gun and since the guy I bought it from only wanted $600 and it came with a nice range bag, a set of VZ grips as well as the...
  9. General 1911 talk
    Anyone have any info on the freedom series from fusion firearms? I know fusion firearms is owned by ex dw president but also know dw wasn't always great
  10. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    I've had some luck selling some of our high end Fusion Customs on here so here is another one. This is a one of a kind Fusion Custom Pistol. It is a 5" Government sized 1911 chambered in 10mm. The barrel is one of our Ultra Match Grade barrels and the Trigger is our Ultra Match Grade Blue...
  11. 1911 Photo Gallery
    Here is some Fusion Firearms 1911 Custom Shop “EYE-Candy”, from The Riptide Teaser.:) . This one just finished up and off the Bench. A super fine Example of our Custom Shop, Pro Series 1911 Commander Model in our Riptide configuration, 45acp with a carry cut. This Super Fusion 1911 also...
  12. General 1911 talk
    Here is the 3rd of the 3 new Freedom Series Pistols. The Riptide-C is a commander sized carry cut 1911 with the riptide features: press check cut, riptide reveal serrations and rear, front and top slide serrations. The whole line is now available for pre-order now on our website. Feel free to...
  13. General 1911 talk
    Very excited to be able to start announcing the NEW models of the Freedom Series. The Freedom Series Riptide edition pistols are the newest 1911 models to be added to the product line. There will be 3 new models, each available in 45acp or 9mm. Here is the first of the three, the "Riptide". We...
  14. 1911 Photo Gallery
    For today’s Fusion Firearms 1911 Eye-candy lets go with one of our Pro-Series Fusion Custom Shop, 6 inch Long-Slide Hunter models in 10mm. Dressed in our satin HD hard Chrome Finish. This Super 1911 pistol is hand built, with our Fusion “UMG” Ultra-Match-Grade ramped barrel, Fusion “UMG” trigger...
  15. 1911 Photo Gallery
    For today’s Fusion Firearms 1911 Eye-candy lets go with one of our Freedom Series Gold Models upgraded with many of our Pro-Series custom shop Options. This 1911 started out as our base model “Gold” in 9mm. We upgraded the sights with Fusion “U” notch tritium, Fusion “UMG” Ultra-Match-Grade...
  16. General 1911 talk
    I have been following a thread on toos by Fusion where they are making a new 7" slide. They are starting to fit slide to frame and posted a picture next to Government 5". Thought you might enjoy looking at this bad boy.
  17. 1911 Photo Gallery
    Fusion Firearms Custom Shop Riptide Model-Vented>>>>>>>>>> for today’s Fusion Custom Shop Eye-Candy is a Commander carry model in our Riptide Edition in 45 acp. Fusion Black shield nitro melonite finish and brushed stainless accent parts. Other options, Our New Fusion Stainless “UMG” Barrel and...
  18. 1911 Photo Gallery
    For the week ending 3-17-18,… today’s Fusion Firearms 1911 Eye-candy lets go with one of our Elegant and Rugged Fusion Custom Shop, 6 inch Long-Slide Hunter models in 10mm. This one is dressed out nicely with our fancy fine top serrations with reveal, Fusion “UMG” Ultra-Match-Grade ramped...
  19. General 1911 talk
    just found this fusion firearms release in my email. I really like the look of this bobtail. I hear there are more models being released. This one may be one I "need" ;) it is called the Riptide-C
1-19 of 19 Results