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  1. Competition 1911's
    Had a BLAST today shooting our first outdoor match of 2018. It was great minus the rain and it was a little cooler than I thought it was going to be but all in all, a great match. Came in first in Single Stack so not a horrible day of shooting.
  2. Competition 1911's
    We had our 3rd Tuesday of the month match this week had a blast It was 8 solid stages which is a LOT of shooting for an indoor Match. Full Match Video Slow Motion Video of Stage 4:Roundhouse you can see a round leave the barrel all the way to the target...I just noticed in editing and...
  3. Competition 1911's
    Well after missing several indoor matches I got back out last night and had a blast. We had a small group last night and got in 6 solid stages. My Son who happens to be home from Georgia Southern decided to join us as well so all in all it was a great match
  4. Competition 1911's
    So this past weekend we had our end of year "State Match" named in honor of our Korean War Veteran Austin Schall (he was a devotee of the 1911). I had 8 pretty solid stages and 1 complete train wreck and my GoPro gave me fits (mostly because when I thought I turned it on I was turning it off...
  5. Competition 1911's
    Well, had our weekly match last night and I managed to pull off another overall Match & Single Stack win....I actually was able to beat 2 PCC ( Pistol Caliber Carbine) shooters which to me was the best part of the match since those guys are using optics and freaking carbines, Those things are...
  6. Competition 1911's
    Here's last night's Video from our indoor GADPA Match 5th place overall and 1st Place Single Stack...a good time was had by all.
  7. Competition 1911's
    Well, I was lucky enough for my brother to come out and shoot the match here all the way from TX. We had a GREAT time, laughed a lot and he finally put some rounds through his new Glock 19 ( He never fired it before this match)had a blast !! Ended up 11th overall and 1st in Single Stack by a...
  8. Competition 1911's
    Had our 3rd Tuesday of the month indoor match at the Trading Place Range had a decent night 3rd overall and 1st place Single Stack. Stage 4 El Prez Plus 1 ( 4 targets and start w/8 rounds) I killed it raw time was 6.92 down 12 points (+6 sec) for a 12.92 overall time.
  9. Competition 1911's
    Had a GADPA Match out at South Rive Gun club today. We gave the USPSA guys our weekend last month so they gave us this one and we have our regular match weekend over labor day. Had a pretty decent match 1st Place Single Stack and 8th place overall only Single Stack in the top 10 today....Pistol...
  10. Competition 1911's
    Our May GADPA match we let the guys that wanted to run PCC shoot the match....They killed us. I ended up 5th overall ( behind the PCC guys) and obviously 1st in Single Stack Match Video :
  11. Competition 1911's
    Had our local indoor GADPA Match tonight...Man what a good time had some great stages and ended up 3rd overall tonight...After the TX IDPA Match my plan is to take a little extra time and keep the points down to a minimum. Match Video
  12. Competition 1911's
    We had our monthly outdoor Match today...the weather was FANTASTIC and the stages were fun. Stage 2 had a single sniper shot and then engage everything else with a pistol. Here is the link
  13. Competition 1911's
    We had our weekly indoor GADPA Match and all in all it was okay. I did manage to pull off a stage win ( Stage 4) but due to some operator headspace and timing issues I only got Stage 1 & 2 on video. Stage 2 was a classic vapor lock of cranial cavity..But here it is, in all it's GLORY, so before...
  14. Competition 1911's
    Had our 1st Tuesday of the month match tonight...we got in 7 simple but challenging stages and for the record....I freaking ROCKED stage 5, 5.60 seconds, zero down. I was 4th overall and 1st in Single Stack
  15. Competition 1911's
    Happy new year everyone...We had our 2016 Indoor GADPA Championship match tonight..All the indoor matches shoot the same COF and tally up the scores to see who wins. We actually WON as a Club last year vs all the other indoor clubs so we've gotten better as the years have passed. The last...
  16. Competition 1911's
    We had our 3rd Tuesday of the month match and tonight I came away with an overall match win by 4 seconds. Stage 4 Near to Far I smoked in 5:45 and I was down 1 point so +:50 second.
  17. Competition 1911's
    We had our 1st Tuesday of the month match last night and we got 5 solid stages in, once again I find myself shooting much faster than my current talent level can handle. Ended up 4th overall but since I am shooting against guys that have 22 rounds in a single mag I am doing okay for the most part.
  18. Competition 1911's
    Shot our monthly outdoor GADPA Match it was a little sporty but not too bad overall : Ended up 2nd Place Single Stack and 13th overall out of 64 shooters.....next big match on the horizon is the Masters in Birmingham, AL Next month Had I not turfed 3 targets on Stage 1, I would've beaten the...
  19. Competition 1911's
    Well, today's Greater Atlanta Defensive Pistol Match is in the books. Ended up 1st Place Single Stack and 13th overall out of 67 shooters It was 104 degrees and 98% humidity...It was quite sporty out there today but, all in all a great match
1-19 of 20 Results