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  1. General 1911 talk
    I live in Idaho and when fly fishing worry about moose attack. What do you think would be the best moose handgun and ammo?
  2. General 1911 talk
    I have a few guns that I wouldn't mind having a bit of engraving work done to them. One of them is a polished stainless steel Ruger Vaquero, the other is a 1911. I may have a few rifles that could use some engraving as well. Anybody here do their own engraving? I don't know the best...
  3. General 1911 talk
    Good morning, I heard a rumor that a bill was introduced that would allow anyone to carry concealed without a pistol permit. Anyone heard that?
  4. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    small pistol primers for sale!! we have 30000 in our stock and it 450 per 5k. 5000 large pistol primers for sale, we have 28000 in our stock and it 500 per 5k. 5000 large rifle primers for sale, we have 25000 in our stock and it 500 per 5k. 5000 Small rifle primers for sale, we have 32000...
  5. General Firearm Discussion
    Due to pandemic going on right now, i've seem to notice that even anti-gun or pro-gun control people are purchasing firearms. The wife and I have been talking about that and it seems that all over the country former anti-gun people are trying to buy a gun and coming to the realization that...
  6. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    6 shot cylinder revolver Handmade miniature. Miniature Revolver 100% functional Action Model Price: 800$ FREE SHIPPING Handcrafted Look on it in action https://www.instagram.com/p/Bz52o3IIrXf/ Please contact me for details [email protected] ! This item is for display and collecting...
  7. General 1911 talk
    Equals heaven.
  8. 1911 Photo Gallery
    Just figured I'd throw some photos up of my Colt O1070RGZ
  9. General Firearm Discussion
    A graduation present to myself... I've wanted one of these for about 20 years. In all its .357 mag gloriousness. I will say that with 125grn screaming meemees it is a handful - BUT - the cool factor beats the physical pain. I love Ruger revolvers, but there's something about having the...
  10. 1911 Photo Gallery
    I took Bob Rodgers RYO class last year and this is the result. The gun turned out pretty good to my eyes, but definitely a few flaws that I won’t do again. Bob doesn’t let anything below standard out of the class. I got myself in trouble a couple times, and he had to come to the rescue. The gun...
  11. General 1911 talk
    I was not sure what section to put this in, so I picked this one. I took 3 1911's shooting Saturday. Full sized 9mm, Commander sized slide and full size frame 45 ACP, and a Commander slide and Commander/Officer? grip 38 Super. Zero problems with the 9mm and 45, but I consistently shot the 38...
  12. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Sold locally! I have a rare TALO limited edition Colt Commander Rail Gun in .45 ACP, 1 of 350 made. It has a stainless steel frame and blued slide. I fired exactly 50 rounds out of it without any malfunctions. It is in like new condition. It is very well put together and very accurate. The only...
  13. General Firearm Discussion
    Forgive but not plastic. Not real expensive in case the Jeep gets broken into. Easy to conceal, light to carry. Reliable and good shooter. Been looking hard at one of these: https://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/product_info.php/products_id/13656 A little advise please.
  14. Rifles & Shotguns
    Been working on this for a while now. I took a bare bones Rem 700 ADL in on a trade. I ordered a Boyds Pro varmint stock and a Wyatts 223 / 10 round detachable mag lower end. It currently has a cheap scope (just added it for the pic until I figure our what I am going to put on it. Probably...
  15. General 1911 talk
    I lost the maglight that I kept on my nightstand. I'm a believer in having a light handy for when things go bump in the night. That said I've decided that the only logical thing to do is retire my 686+ and buy a new gun that I can put a light on. I am an addict after all. Being in Komifornia...
  16. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Sold! Letting go of this one as I need to downsize. It' no beauty queen, but runs great. Use as is or convert to 9mm for cheap open gun. Has pitting under grips, barrel lugs set back. I've put 200rds through it and boy is it fun. Trigger is really dang sweet. It' 38super. 1)17rd mag included...
  17. Gear Talk
    Dillon used to make nice affordable Dillon Blue pistol rugs with mag pockets, etc. I still have a few. Was looking for something like that or better for a multi kilobuck 1911. Midway makes one but it's a little big. Any suggestions.
  18. Revolvers
    Went in to make my final layaway payment on a Redhawk. Before filling out the paperwork I found a year old unfired 29 with display box. Spent another $750 to bring it home. Fired it. Very painful to shoot with these thin wood ones. I like wood but these have to go. Can anyone recommend Grips...
  19. General Firearm Discussion
    Dem-ordered study to expose illegal online gun sales backfires By Brooke Singman | Fox News A Democrat-backed study meant to expose illicit online gun sales instead seemed to show the opposite -- with hardly any sellers taking the bait when undercover investigators tried to set up dozens...
1-19 of 178 Results