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    $2,900.00 with an hour to go • https://www.gunbroker.com/item/905158267
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    Wanting to buy your KAC urx 3.1 10.75 length, also have a geissele mk8 9.5 in black, brand new I’d be willing to trades towards the rail if interested, thanks!
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    I have 10 still new in the box, 1 has been inserted into a brand new rifle I once owned a time or 2 but never used These are the 1st gen Larue Mags with the slim baseplate, very sought after and impossible to find new in box anymore I’ll take 700 shipped/insured to your door in the lower 48
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    1 time only today $500.00 price drop to be sold immediately. $5150.00 and that’s with the long tine MAMS and the new Pelican case!!!!!! And, $5150 is shipped to your ffl fully insured!!!!!! I bought this rifle brand new as a 16” M-LOCK APC and never fired it. A few months ago I decided I’d...
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    I recently had D.Wilson chop this 16” Legacy Mod 0 upper down to 14.5” and had him install the URX 3.0 rail w/ built in front sight. The gun had only had 200 rounds through it prior to being modified. It has not been shot since getting it back. Looking for $1,300
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    Sold FYI - The Atlas bipod and scope does not come with it.
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    Up for sale is a like new KAC SR-15 MOD 2. Rifle is in excellent condition with 150 - 250 rounds through it. Smooth rifle and never a hiccup. Exactly what you'd expect. Doesn't get shot so looking to move it. Sale will include all factory accessories and hard case. Rail covers, mag, QD...
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    Anyone see one floating around (not Gunbroker)? Thanks
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    Hey everyone I have a couple items for sale that don't show up often. I have decided to tie the knot (getting engaged), so I need to build up some cash flow. Up next is a KAC SR-25 EC lower in FDE. I bought it with the intention of making an M110 clone, but never have gotten around to it, so now...
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    Low round count Dimpled 14.5" Mod 1 Carbine with a pinned (Ayan) Gen 1 MAMS. It's on an ambi KAC lower with an AR-Gold trigger. FDE panels and a FDE LMT SOPMOD are included. $3200 shipped Subtract - $170 if you do not want the BUIS - $200 if you do not want the AR-Gold trigger
1-10 of 10 Results