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  1. NFA Weapons
    So last night after our classifier match was over, one of our shooters busted out his SIG MPX suppressed 9mm...oh sweet baby Jesus...He's trying to get me killed, the Minister of Finance would never approve that expenditure...but...... :)
  2. Competition 1911's
    So I had some shooters that needed to have a classifier for an upcoming sanctioned match. So here it is in all its glory fault lines and all. 72 rounds 3 Stages. 72 Rounds 3 Stages Stage 1 34.56(10) Stage 2 19.30(3) Stage 3 45.85(11) I ended up with a total time of 99.71.
  3. Competition 1911's
    So we ran our first IDPA match tonight under the new rulebook, to be honest, it's not too bad just a little different. Ended up 1st in CDP and 4th overall...Decent night enjoy the video. We're shooting the classifier tomorrow night.
  4. Competition 1911's
    We had our 1st Tuesday of the month match last night and we got 5 solid stages in, once again I find myself shooting much faster than my current talent level can handle. Ended up 4th overall but since I am shooting against guys that have 22 rounds in a single mag I am doing okay for the most part.
  5. Competition 1911's
    Well, we had our last monthly outdoor GADPA Match. It's named after one of our original IDPA shooters Austin Schall he was a WWII/Korea Veteran that competed with his 1911 that he brought back from Korea. Great Match overall, ended up 5th in Single Stack and 35th overall out of 81 shooters so I...
  6. Competition 1911's
    Here is my video from our GADPA Match tonight had a blast but Stage 3 is a spirit crusher...
  7. Competition 1911's
    So this past weekend I headed out to the Brock's Gap Training Center in Hoover Alabama with the rest of the Mumford Coldwater Shooting Sports team. Overall, I had a decent match nothing to write home about. The CDP Expert division is tough and there is very little sandbagging like in some of the...
  8. Competition 1911's
    Well, today's Greater Atlanta Defensive Pistol Match is in the books. Ended up 1st Place Single Stack and 13th overall out of 67 shooters It was 104 degrees and 98% humidity...It was quite sporty out there today but, all in all a great match
  9. Competition 1911's
    Well, the 2016 Alabama State IDPA Championships are in the books and I racked up a 10th Place finish out of 11 in the CDP Expert Division...I racked up too many points down. On the upside, waited until the last stage of the day to hit my only Non-threat target and had no Procedures all day...
1-9 of 10 Results