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    What’s going on with Kimber? I can’t find any new limbers in the gun shops in my area.
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    How about this!!!
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    I recently picked up my first set of VZ G10 grips (It looks like VZ is phasing out officer size grips and has almost all of them marked down to $35, so get on that if you've been waiting). My old half-checkered stocks didn't give me any traction in the area where my support hand grips the gun...
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    Good day addicts. I recently purchased a kimber pro carry 2. I ordered two extra magazines directly from kimber and i must say that i am not pleased with the follower on the magazines. I also have a wilson combat magazine and it is simply amazing especially compared to the kimber magazines. My...
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    https://www.kimberamerica.com/press/kimber-new-headquarter-2020 Gun Critical NY loses another manufacturer....
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    When I first saw the Kimber SSLW 9mm at my local dealer, I had to hold it. My first impression was that it felt like part of it was missing because it was so light and the price seemed very low for a Kimber. I went home and immediately looked into it online. The alloy lower was discussed...
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    Hey Addicts, I am pretty new here and to the firearms community. Been putting time into researching laws, pistol styles, calibers manufactures etc. so I could at least ask quality newbie questions. Based on my readings on this forum I feel this site has a solid community. I am open to taking...
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    Item #3. Raising funds for motorcycle purchase. Bought this from War Party. $1,175 shipped. Heck of a deal for what you get. 32 day layaway available. First pmt of $600 and second pmt of $575. Original thread here: https://www.1911addicts.com/posts/1090911
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    Item #2. Raising funds for a motorcycle purchase. Customized Kimber 1st generation Classic Gold Match with some work done at BarSto (IIRC. No paper verification on this). Trigger job, BarSto barrel fitted, magwell, matt chrome. $1,300 shipped. 32 day layaway available. Two equal pmts of $650...
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    I swapped some grips around today. Took the Labyrinth grips off the Colt and put them on the TLE Pro TFS.
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    A gentleman posted a Kimber Super Carry Pro for sale in another thread and it reminded me of a project I've thought about off and on for some time. I did some research on this over time but didn't find anything conclusive one way or the other. So I thought I'd ask this august group.... Kimber...
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    What is everybody’s opinion on this with the external extractor?i can buy it for $700 But I read that the external extractor is no good! Has less than 200 rounds fired
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    I remember seeing this gun when I was in high school and wishing I could buy one. It’s always stuck with me. I don’t have any Kimbers in my personal collection but when I found this one, I had to buy it for old times sake. I will probably just shoot the crap out of it, I might even send it to...
  15. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Kimber Custom TLE II 45ACP SOLD to @Fred_G I am the second owner of this one. Original owner stated 200rds down the pipe, and I have since shot another 100rds… the pistol is in great condition Excellent shooter, zero issues… only selling to offset a recent unplanned purchase Includes: (1)...
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    So Ive never owned a Kimber and recently have heard a few negative things about Kimber quality. Im looking to buy a Kimber Stainless Pro II TLE/RL. Im looking at one from 2007 and also one from 2016. Any advice on which one is better?
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    Guys I have for sale today NIB LG-404G for officer sized 1911’s. I bought these before I ended up buying a gun with CTG already installed. Price is 200 shipped firm. I paid the price in the picture. Thanks. Send your trade offers my way. Wilson Combat mags full size and officer size.
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    All, A lot of what I see and read out there on Kimber is heavily tilted toward the negative. Are they really that badly made? The machining looks solid and I have to believe any new piece needs a period of break in, right? And up front I realize that Wilson, Les Baer, Ed Brown, Nighthawk, as...
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    This is a first generation Super Match, not a later Super Match II with the firing pin safety. Test target is dated 12-18-2000. The gun is in nice condition. All original, the serial number is etched inside the slide.These were the top of the line in price, the most accurate as they shot 1 inch...
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    Anyone have a Kimber Classic Carry pro? Any thoughts, comments, issues, loves, or ??? And Happy New Year, you Addicts!
1-20 of 160 Results