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  1. Revolvers
    I'm looking at a three-inch Colt King Cobra at LGS. It feels a bit more petite than my K-frames. This one has the bead front sight. Anyone here have any experiences with the new King Cobras in any barrel length? thanks in advance... brent / KY
  2. Revolvers
    Which would you more likely purchase as your only .357? New recent models only. Mostly for range toy use, but nice to have “just in case”.
  3. General Firearm Discussion
    Did a little local trading this weekend and walked away with a early King Cobra. While I've had a couple of Pythons this is my first KC. It is in fantastic condition with only a few handling marks, came with original cardboard box and all papers. She will be going to the range this week...
1-3 of 3 Results