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  1. Autoloaders
    Meet the new Glock, Same as the old Glock. Glock won the FBI solicitation contract with a new variation on the same theme. The Glock 17M and 19M are the newest models from Glock. The "M" appears to stand for modified, as the new models have a slight twist in features from the standard Gen4...
  2. Training
    This is a post that was posted on another (pretty hidden) forum, some time ago. It has been posted in a few places, and came to my attention when it was shared by a Facebook/podcast/radio group that I follow. The concept is pretty simple. It has drastically changed the way I think. While not...
  3. Gear Talk
    I've been looking into drastically changing my carry setup for sometime. The more I look at professionals who are extremely serious about defense (Craig Douglas, Kyle Defoor, Ballistic Radio Crew, others) the more I notice they carry a fixed blade knife near the center line of their body. It...
1-3 of 4 Results