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  1. General 1911 talk
    Mods, I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the correct area. I apologize if I'm not. Thanks to @mauserfan posting the Nosler sale in the bargin area recently, I picked up some of their Match Grade 185gr and 230gr ammo on a lark. Never tried it before and there's limited reviews/info online...
  2. Range Reports & Reviews
    Just took the two Guncrafters to the range this morning. Both guns ran flawlessly. Since I don't reload and I usually shoot weekly I limit myself to 50 rounds thru each gun. Unbelievable how many people are at the range weekly for CCW class. I shot allright. I am slowly improving.
  3. Range Reports & Reviews
    Took the GI No Names in .38 super and .45acp to the indoor range this morning. Guns ran flawlessly, shooter did OK. Always a great time ! 25' and 45'
  4. Range Reports & Reviews
    Took a couple of 45's to the indoor range this morning. The No Name and the Colt pre 80 series. The colt has a horrible trigger but I still enjoy shooting it until I send it for upgrades. The No Name never ceases to impress me. Someday I hope to shoot close to it's capabilities. Not yet though.
  5. Range Reports & Reviews
    I was able to get out and do some shooting today. This is 5 shots each distance at 5, 7, 10, 15, 20 & 25 yards on a 3x5 index card with my STI Hex-Tac 9mm. As you can see, I only got 23 or 25 shots out of 30 on the card depending if you want to count the ones that barely hit the card or not...
  6. General Firearm Discussion
    I recently found out that even in libtard Western Washington you can shoot on your property in certain areas like unincorporated King County where I live. I've got an area about 175 yards long where I can set up a home range. My property backs up to government forest land, so there are no houses...
  7. Range Reports & Reviews
    My son and I went to the range this morning to try out some new and new to me guns, and one new one for him. first up was his new Remington 700 in 257 Weatherby mag. Not a good outing. Chamber does not seem to be reamed properly. He tried Hornady and Nosler rounds. Both pass the plunk test...
  8. Range Reports & Reviews
    Worked from home today...so after my work was done, I loaded up my gear and packed the kiddo in the truck and we headed for the gunclub! Sometimes you just need to burn some powder..... I hope to wear a little blueing off this gat in 2016. And then sit back and enjoy the view...
  9. General 1911 talk
    Been stupid busy as of late, but this past weekend I took some time to visit the old man. Our new thing is to do a little shooting. We setup a 2x4 target stand last time I was in. There is a good stand of trees behind it, but we are working on clearing it out! This tree was cut in half and fell...
1-9 of 9 Results