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  1. Beginner's Corner
    Just got a new Nighthawk, it’s very well oiled. Conventional wisdom is to always clean gun before the range the first time, but this pistol seems very well lol and cleaned. What should I do?
  2. Range Trips & Reviews
    Greetings earthlings! I’m traveling along the land and wonder if anyone here knows where there’s a mile long range in MT, WY, or SD? Thanks in advance fellow chooters!
  3. Range Reports & Reviews
    Hello folks, I am headed to Florida and was wondering where a good place to shoot was in the Bradenton area. Thoughts welcome. Thank you in advance.
  4. General 1911 talk
    took a few 9mm 1911's to range today Ruger SR1911 commander - nice gun , shoots where I point easier recoil than expected may be a carry option Dan Wesson PM 9. - brand new , break in day. 50 rounds no issues at all . This one is superb smooth operation , trigger is great and very...
  5. General 1911 talk
    After many years of toting my range bag carrying my rucksack and rifle, pistol, shotgun cases out to the firing line. I am interested in some type of range cart to haul my shooting gear and other kit around the range. I have observed local shooters using everything from radio flyer wagons...
  6. Range Trips & Reviews
    It's about time! Finally I am going to shoot! Gathering up my guns. Loading all my mags. I'm going in HEAVY and coming out light. :smile2: I have a 911 9mm Springfield pocket pistol that's not broken in yet. I need to have 10 or so mags that run flawless before I'm secure with it. I bought a...
  7. 1911 Photo Gallery
    First time I actually thought to take a pic at the range. I'm usually to keen to get to the shooting lol.
  8. General 1911 talk
    What is everyone's favorite gun to shoot at the range?
  9. Range Trips & Reviews
    Our local range is closed due to fire danger. That includes LEO's. No pictures because I wasn't there and won't be for the foreseeable future. :( I do wish we had an indoor range. Getting up to the outdoor range is a hassle. I Didn't go last year because going into town with the "TooLong"...
  10. Range Trips & Reviews
    My 12 year old son has been shooting .22's for a while and this last trip insisted on shooting my Falcon 9mm. Well, he fell in love. Funny he knows how fast I sell and trade but he is insisting i keep this one! Just thought I'd share
  11. Range Reports & Reviews
    Took my new WC Ultralight Carry in .45acp to the indoor range this morning Also took my GI in .38 super. They both ran flawlessly. The Wilson really is a sweet shooting gun. I can't get over how light it feels. Ran 100 rounds of sellier and bellot 230 gr fmj and 16 rounds of HST 230 gr JHP. I...
  12. Range Reports & Reviews
    Note: This might be useful for newbies. Maybe not so much for others. I'll just leave it here in case it's of any benefit. I often pack a range bag for two, so there may be 3, 4 or more pistols plus appurtenances. I have a fairly good-sized bag, about 18" long like a small duffle. It was empty...
  13. Range Reports & Reviews
    So far, I've put 300 rounds through this gun (Remington UMC and Winchester Service Grade). There have been no failures of any kind, so I'm pretty satisfied. Today was the best day yet because I met a fellow addict at the range (@Pennywise827), and he only charged a small rental fee to try his...
  14. Range Reports & Reviews
    Just took the two Guncrafters to the range this morning. Both guns ran flawlessly. Since I don't reload and I usually shoot weekly I limit myself to 50 rounds thru each gun. Unbelievable how many people are at the range weekly for CCW class. I shot allright. I am slowly improving.
  15. Range Reports & Reviews
    Man, I couldn't believe it today - here it is Friday 12/29, after Christmas, etc...etc... and the place was PACKED! :confused: Anyway, I went cheap (as I tend to do) and printed my own target, brought my own ammo (Georgia Arms 230gr FMJ), my own gear, and set the target out at 15 feet. Not too...
  16. 1911 Gunsmithing
    I FINALLY got it out to the range today. I ran seven different types of ammo through it. Light loads, heavy loads, ball ammo, polymer tipped defense rounds, wide-ass hollow tipped rounds. No failures to feed, no failures to eject, no failures to fire. Slide locks back as it should, and the...
  17. General 1911 talk
    There are endless debates over which custom and semi-custom 1911 manufacturers are "the best." Has there been any debate over which manufacturers excel at making pistols for a particular use? (I searched, found nothing, but gladly accept links I missed). The reason I ask (beyond curiosity) is...
  18. Range Reports & Reviews
    Took the GI No Names in .38 super and .45acp to the indoor range this morning. Guns ran flawlessly, shooter did OK. Always a great time ! 25' and 45'
  19. Range Trips & Reviews
    bad day shooting. Just bad shooting some days. Taking a little time off from work. Started slow, not picking up the front sight as well as I should. Sig 1911 Ultra. 15 yards, 64 rounds, B27 silhouette: I seldom shoot pistol at 25 yards, but decided "what the heck, couldn't do much...
1-19 of 108 Results