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  1. Caliber Talk: Ammunition, Reloading, and Shooting
    Hi, I know everyone is going to tell me to get a manual and I plan on doing it, but which one? I am getting a Rock Chucker Supeme Master ReLoading Kit and will be relaoding 45 ACP. I have been reading on the internet that Bullseye and WIN 231 are the go to powders. I like to take my time, so...
  2. General 1911 talk
    I have an old lee hand primer now. I am now looking at the rcbs universal hand primer. There are some plastic parts in there. The plunger and guide is what concerns me. Has anyone used the rcbs a lot. Some of the reviews I have read said the casing can come out of the universal holder. Like the...
  3. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    380 Auto 45 Auto 40 S&W 9mm All like new in box, fairly confident only one set has been put on a press just to sit and collect dust. $45 each shipped from 44904
1-3 of 3 Results