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  1. Autoloaders
    Not sure if anyone else watches Mark Novak on YouTube; but I stumbled upon his channel due to the almighty logarithm and found it quite interesting. His commentary is quite funny as well and as someone who’s dabbled quite a bit in bringing old things back to life it’s just fun to watch and...
  2. General 1911 talk
    Question? I just picked up a nice 1943 Remington Rand. Nice used condition, complete, numbers and markings are correct. It is a clean, used WWII pistol. Would you send it to Turnbull, Yost or another top name smith for restoration or leave it alone? Would restoration by a top smith ad value or...
  3. Collector's Corner
    Well I came in to church on Christmas Eve and Melissa my Gal Pal said she had some more gun goodies for me! :p NOW IF YOU HAVE GRIP RESTORATION NEEDS FOR THOSE OLD COLT PISTOLS I CAN PROBABLY MAIL THESE TO YOU FOR $10.00 A PIECE. YOU ARE LIMITED TO ONE PAIR PER PERSON! Their is one set here...
1-3 of 4 Results