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  1. AR Forum
    What is the value these days on a AK-12? Got a guy wanting to do a trade and he has a AK-12 kit that was built by CW gunwerks. The parts used to finish it are a Childers receiver, Bulgarian 74 parts and a Green Mountain AK-12 profile chrome lined barrel. Rifle looks beautiful in the pictures...
  2. General Firearm Discussion
    Here's one for the history books: https://twitter.com/sovietvisuals/status/1003544317456211970 Citizens, give up your weapons! Soviet poster, 1918.
  3. Collector's Corner
    Hi! Would anyone like to give an opinion on a pistol I am thinking of selling? I found this realized auction and wanted to ask if this would be a realistic value for a similar pistol? I have a Colt factory on the way to prove authenticity, but there should be nothing fishy about this one. It...
1-3 of 3 Results