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sentinel compact

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  1. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    I commissioned this gun in July of 2019, it has all the options you need and none you don't. Since then it has seen a mere 350 rounds all at the range, never carried or holstered. Intentions were for this to be a daily carry and then I fell in love with my Counselor and that was that. I don't...
  2. Range Trips & Reviews
    Work never seems to end so I have to think ahead and carve time out for the range which means make an appointment so I have an excuse to leave and be somewhere. I pulled two 38 supers out of the safe and spent a wonderful 90 minutes at Scottsdale Gun Club throwing over 400 rounds down range...
  3. Range Trips & Reviews
    A little 4 PM therapy session, Dan Wesson Guardian, Wilson Combat Stealth and Wilson Combat Sentinel. 100 or so rounds through each gun, 4 magazines of self-defense loads through each gun, not a stumble, everything was 100% perfect. Now to sit an clean them and watch some of RNC convention...
  4. Range Reports & Reviews
    I love it when a plan comes together, I was up and at my desk at 5 am this morning so I could make my 3:00 PM ranger reservation at Scottsdale Gun Club. I finally got to shoot my GI Guncrafter and boy it did not disappoint, with it's full size frame and 5" barrel I could shoot the stinger off...
1-4 of 4 Results