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  1. Parts & Accessories
    Fellow Addicts while supplies last. Brand new Q Trash Panda, includes cherry bomb muzzle brakes in 1/2x28 and 5/8x24 Free tax stamp promo. You buy the silencer I'll pay the $200 federal transfer tax. Here’s how it works: If you’re a Texas resident and want to pick up your Trash Panda at our...
  2. NFA Weapons
    I am running a Tirant 45 on a Springfield Armory Master Class Silent Operator from the cistom shop. The only malfunctions that I have experienced is suppressed. I installed an aac bushing the first malfunction is a faulure to extract the empty shell on the first round. The second nalfunction is...
  3. General Firearm Discussion
  4. NFA Weapons
    Interesting... SS is showing why they're the largest with projects like this underway. http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2016/05/25/exclusive-silencer-shop-outlines-new-41f-system/
1-5 of 5 Results