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  1. Staccato/STI/2011
    Just curious. The staccato R looks interesting. I like the grip size of the single stack. Not about to start looking for a R, list of guns I want and can’t find too long as it is. Any other manufacturers producing anything similar?
  2. Want To Buy Classifieds
    Giving up on the hunt for a Edge. Thought I’d see if anyone happens to have a range master they’re willing to part with. Anyone?
  3. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    STI 1911 2011 6" Longslide Bull Barrel 9mm (Wilson Nowlin Ramp) $160 (MSRP $225) __ Atlas Gunworks 2011 Stainless Steel Magwell (HEAVY 5 oz) $75 SOLD (MSRP $100) __ Marvel Precision Compensator (1911-22) $40 (MSRP $60) Buyer pays shipping
    $1 USD
  4. General 1911 talk
    Hello all, new member and long time 1911 owner looking to get a 9mm 2011. Have my heart set on the STI edge. Looks like there no longer available and I’ve so far been too busy to be first in response to classified deals. Have fired the edge, staccato c, and a atlas hyperion. For the price range...
  5. Staccato/STI/2011
    I’m looking to buy or trade for only prime examples of RARE STI pistols. Mainly DVC OMNI, DVC-p, COSTA CARRY COMP .45 DVC HOST. I have rare items to trade like KAC sr-25, LMT Tano, Noveske Nodef and tons of other stuff plus cash money.Thanks!!
  6. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Anyone have 2011 45acp 140mm or CZ-75 9mm mags hanging around? Hit me up thanks! N
  7. 1911 Photo Gallery
    6 months in the making, my dream unicorn. The STI Apeiro has been out of production for years so I had to build it. More info in the video below. STI/SPS/Limcat Apiero HYBRID 2011 9mm build 2.5# trigger, 16# MS -Nitro fin -DPM Recoil System -Wilson Combat extended ejector -Klonimus extended mag...
  8. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Love this gun but have moved out west and just do less target shooting than I used to. Incredibly accurate and easy to shoot. Couldn't give you a round count, has some holster wear but pretty clean. Comes with 5 mags, 3 126mm and 2 140mm Asking $1500 for everything above with STI...
  9. 1911 Photo Gallery
    BEFORE: AFTER: STI Steel Master 2011 (3# trigger, 15# MS) Limcat Steel grip SV Trigger Bow Limcat Heavyy magwell Zig Racker C-more RTS-2 6 MOA RHT thumbrest Brazos Slipstream RTS2 Mount Sagisi Customs "Gloss Black" cerakote with red accents
  10. General 1911 talk
    The STI DVC Tactical has been one of those guns that has always eluded me, they are available when I can't afford them, or they are no where to be seen when I do have the funds available. I have the opportunity to purchase one now, it's BNIB, .45. An absolute beauty and IMO the best looking 2011...
  11. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    STI Recoil Master Guide Rod System Government 5.0" LIGHT COST $100 https://dawsonprecision.com/recoil-m...nt-5-0-by-sti/ + STI Recoil Master Springs 1911/2011/HiCap 5 Pack COST $40 https://dawsonprecision.com/recoil-m...5-pack-by-sti/ = $160 value (w/ shipping & tax) $120 SHIPPED ($40 off) SOLD...
  12. General 1911 talk
    Romae Stockton-Zamsky and Mark Zamsky of *Precision custom plating and Engraving* make me grin over the weekend as they send me these tease pictures last night. Great job, as always. Can't wait to see it in person next week.
  13. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Offering my STI 4.0 Tactical 2011 in 9mm for sale. Excellent condition. Straight eight night sights, treebark grip, full railed model. $2700 shipped - this week only. If not sold by Thursday and shipped Friday it will have to go back in the safe.
  14. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Sold !!! I Sold this slightly used STI Hawk in 9mm a couple of months ago, then the guy decided he wanted to stay with a single stack, so I took it back. So, Now It's up for sale again. Note This gun also has a 38 super Sig barrel fit to it and can be added for $100. This gun also has a DVC...
  15. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Hello All, Brand new Red Hill Tactical Kydex IWB holster made for the STI DVC Guardian or DVC Carry no rail. I only removed it from the packaging to take the pictures, don't mind the factory "dust". Made for a right-handed draw, with 1.5" belt clip, and an adjustable claw for better...
  16. Range Reports & Reviews
    This week has been a bear at work. I am blessed to have a job in these times, but with the transition to work from home, my days are between 11 and 19 hours per day. My employer has not problem asking that of us. I took a series of pistols to the range this evening, too many to shoot in such a...
  17. 1911 Gunsmithing
    I just got a message from JEM that my frame shipped. I’m still gathering some other small parts and deciding what to do with a couple other projects so this one might take awhile as it’s the beginning of summer and my day job is going crazy for the next 4 months. I tried shooting a slide...
  18. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    ***SOLD*** I have a gently used STI DVC C DUO available. The pistol comes with the original case, accessories (including DUO plate + hardware), manual, test target, and (2) factory STI magazines. The pistol is in excellent condition. $2,750 shipped to your FFL (RMR OPTIC NOT INCLUDED). NO...
  19. General 1911 talk
    Upon cursory inspection the pistol in question appears to be in excellent condition, factory case, four thick metal baseplate magazines. I do not have a 2011 in .45 in my motley collection yet. Ask is $1500. Should I be interested?
  20. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    WTB 2011 STI Omni 9mm. Just PM me price and we can go from there! Prefer to pay cash, no trades.
1-20 of 61 Results