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  1. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    FINAL ADDICTS PRICE DROP: $1,100 shipped thru Fri 5/22 6pm MST. Going over to GB Sat am with a Buy it Now price of $1,250 ——— I need to make room (loose some Safe Queen dead wood) and raise some $ for my 50th birthday present to myself – a 1970 COLT 1911 custom by Ted Yost/Estate Sporting...
  2. General 1911 talk
    I love how visible the Trijicon HDs are for my aging eyes. But I've never tried putting them on my 1911's. Does anyone know for sure if they'll fit in a DW Guardian? Also how will the POI compare to the factory sights? The model I'm considering are these...
  3. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm ported Performance Center package. This shield was Used/Carried for a course and a 250rnd course of fire. Very light holster wear mark near the muzzle (please see pics in large view), but otherwise pretty fresh. Trijicon HD Night Sights (3 dot / HD Orange front...
1-3 of 3 Results