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  1. General 1911 talk
    Hi Everyone! My first 1911 related post here. So, I'm looking at picking up my first 1911, but I'm torn on the direction to go, specifically trying to decide whether to buy new or pickup a used gun from a local auction. I've been interested in the Ruger SR1911 ever since they have come out, and...
  2. New Member Introductions
    I'm beginning my exploration of 1911's. In astronomy, there was a time around Haley's Comet where manufacturers were pushing out so much product that quality control was non-existent. No one wants to buy a used scope from that time period - your chances of getting a lemon are just too great...
  3. General 1911 talk
    Ok so after looking around and watching some sales thread I know that this does not apply to everyone, some of you guys have a boat load of guns and even more funds to continue to get more. however, I hate running across a gun I want at a steal of a price when I have no money or just bought...
  4. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Hello all! I find myself in the market for a new handgun, and would love to make an Omni my first STI. Do any of you fine addicts have a used (or possibly even new) one that you’d be willing to part was with? Any information or review is also more than welcome, as I’m relatively new to STIs...
  5. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Hello! I am looking to buy a BNIB or LNIB Colt Special Combat Government. I'm looking specifically for this model 01970CY Will pay a fair price. Also looking for a two tone Les Baer TRS will pay fair price. Will also consider buying a Colt Custom Shop M45a1 all FDE model.
  6. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    WTS: Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm Excellent used condition. No scratches. Original owner. Fired 2 boxes of ammo thru it. Functions 100%. No Thumb Safety. Please be sure that your FFL will accept a transfer from a non-FFL. Will include a copy of my state drivers license with pistol. $270...
  7. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Ended up with an extra mag for a Sig P250 15 round 9MM. I believe these will also fit the P320. Used very little. $20.00 shipped.
  8. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Good Afternoon, Just took this sweet little pistol in on trade. It includes the original box, all paperwork and 3 mags. We sold this gun originally and his reported round count is less than 500 rounds down range. This is the standard action model. I am asking $1000.00 shipped. Ill be at...
  9. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Good Afternoon, Just took this sweet little pistol in on trade. All that came with it is what you see. No bag, no paperwork, no test target. It has front and rear tritium sights on it which were part of the original build. It is a gray Armour tough frame and black slide. I did get the...
  10. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    WTS: CZ P-10 C Used. Fired exactly 90 rds. Functions 100%. No scratches or wear. Includes two 15 rd. magazines. Please be sure that your FFL will accept a transfer from a non-FFL. Will include a copy of my state drivers license with pistol. $395 shipped to your FFL. Payment by USPS money...
  11. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Gents, I have the need for a few "ready to be discarded, but still in your parts box" hammer pins and sear pins. These do not need to be pretty - I don't need new. I need them for a little positioning jig I am working with. I will compensate you for your shipping and whatever reasonable $$...
  12. 1911 Gunsmithing
    I have just recently acquired a mill and will be hooking it up in my garage. I did machining mill, lathe, drill and various other machines but, it has been 25 years ago now lol. I have a few old slides and some bar stock to practice on, but could really use some help in locating the type of...
  13. 1911 Gunsmithing
    Gents, I saw these sear springs on Brownells when ordering parts for my Zoid build. I thought I might try them as they were inexpensive enough that if they don't work, it's not a big loss. Before I get all smiffin on something in preparation for my build, I thought I would see if any of y'all...
  14. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    looking for a beat up(cheap) milt sparks VM2 that I can experiment on for a one off modification
  15. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Hello, I sold this gun originally and just took it back in on trade for a striker fired pistol. Pistol has less than 100 rounds run through it. Comes with factory box and 2 mags. Addicts Pricing $1500.00 Shipped I accept cash, certified checks, credit cards with no fees. Jess
  16. AR Forum
    I'm looking at wrist braces for my AR57 pistol project and I'm wondering if any of you guys have used them and have any opinions on the different ones available or have a preference for one over the others. Any info/insight would be appreciated!
  17. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Good Evening Addicts, I had hoped to get this one listed earlier today but the day got away from me. Just back from Wilson Combat. This gently used Classic Supergrade 10mm was sent back to Wilson to be inspected and all tuned up for her next owner. She's a real beauty and this is an...
  18. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Here is a gorgeous Benchmark Precision full size .38 Super. New this gun runs just shy of $3000. I will let it go for $2150. I will send additional pictures if requested. Alternatively will discuss trade for an officer size .38 Super.
1-18 of 35 Results