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    I get the mad rush on guns these days, but one can still find the industry standards like Glocks, SA's, S&W's, Ruger's, etc. But for the life of me cannot find a single Dan Wesson Vigil Commander in 45 acp in stock anywhere. I have searched the ends of the internet to no avail. I was starting to...
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    EDIT: As an update, I got over this within a couple days. I now ride the safety and it feels really good and natural. I don’t know if it was my initial grip or what, but now it’s 100% comfortable and shooting any other way now feels weird. I just picked up my new 1911 Dan Wesson Vigil Commander...
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    Just hit Buy Now on a Vigil CCO. The FFL I plan to use is only open Fri and Sat, so be a week or so before I see it.
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    So I'm a big fan of duty sized 9mm (92A1, G17, P09) but I do like commander sized 1911's so anybody have any thoughts or preference for one of the other in 9mm? Looking hard at a Vigil (1835) locally for just over $1200...fair price for NIB? Something else I should consider? have a Vbob in 45...