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    For Sale – Outstanding Volkmann Combat Carry 45 ACP. 4.25 Commander 45 ACP 3 mags and bag Bobtail Dimpled strap Naked slide Battlehook rear sight Gold bead front sight Traditional Blue finish with brush polished slide VZ slants regular thickness Moving this 45 due to pairing down my collection...
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    These came off my Volkmann bobtail, when I took them off I was very surprised Esmeralda made them. $50 Shipped
  3. 1911 Photo Gallery
    I was very motivated today and quite board so I started pulling guns out of the safe and did the grips dance. I was quite surprised that Esmeralda makes the grips for Volkmann and even more surprised he doesn't use Challis GB. I bought these "slim" carbon fibers a long time ago and this blue'd...
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    This is my new Volkmann 45. I commissioned @Gripwright to make me a set of Chittam Burl with VP Medallion grips. As usual Bob leaves nothing to be desired. I wish my photography skills were equal to the beauty of this pistol and grips @Limited 10 take notice. Once you get your grips .... you...
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    I couldn't find one and we need one. I've become a bobtail whore and just love how they look and feel. 38 Super from the DW custom shop 9mm Kobra Carry 9mm Wilson Combat Bobtail Professional 38 Super Dan Wesson Guardian 9mm Volkmann Bobtail in a blue'd finish 9mm Vic Tibbets full...
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    Second post, but I feel the need to be more active as I am at home 24/7 nowadays.
  7. General 1911 talk
    I saw an Instagram post about Volkmann and I was hooked. I found this blue'd bobtail in 9mm and was all in. I hear they shoot better than they look, if that's true I'll be making one hole in all my targets cause this looks amazing.
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    My new baby. Can now check off the "Vault Bucket list" Volkmann Precision Signature Series Color Case Hardened High grip cut Mirror polish blue Genuine bone (camel?) grips
  9. General Firearm Discussion
    @Jrock9 posted a thread a while back about “ its not the arrow, it’s the Indian” I have always believed that to be true. However I had an experience today that is just another one of GHW Bush’s “thousand points of light” I was out shooting and I had my tricked out 22 with all Volquartsen...
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    SPF For sale is a NIB Volkmann Precision Signature Model in 9mm. This gun was built in 2015 by Luke Volkmann out of Littleton, CO. The gun was purchased new in August 2015 thru George at Gunslingers and has never been fired. The polish on this gun is incredible. It was hard to photograph...
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    Stainless Signature Blackout Combat Carry
  12. General 1911 talk
    Picture from Luke. What you think :)?
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    I may be winding down and looking towards retirement. As gifts to myself, from my wife and kids, I am planning on buying a nice guitar and gun. The guitar decision is easy, want/need a Les Paul. The gun choice is a little harder. I'm an enthusiast like most of you addicts, not loyal to one...
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    I have a pristine Volkmann Custom Colt chambered in .45 for sale. I am the second owner therefore round count is unknown. The ONLY remaining factory parts are the slide, frame and barrel. ALL the other parts were replaced. Has a excellent trigger, night sights and solid medium trigger. I can't...
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    One of you guys should outbid me on this Volkmann. I called the shop selling it, they said it looks like a safe queen. I'll be happy if I win the auction, but wouldn't mind putting the funds towards the new propane insert, tank, etc. http://www.gunbroker.com/item/717753202
  16. 1911 Photo Gallery
    I liked the gold bead and 3 hole trigger as looks go, but as my eyes age, decided to go with F/O's on all my range guns. And might as well work towards all my 1911's having the same trigger. Before: After:
  17. General 1911 talk
    Came across this Volkmann Signature in 9mm at the Cabelas in Lone Tree, CO. Asking price was $4449.99 This is from memory, but build specs include: - Dimpled front strap - Serrated rear and top of slide - Adjustable rear sight - Monogram bushing - Gold bead front sight - Cocobolo grips -...
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    Well I did it. Like many of you I have had a long standing obsession with JMB creation. This obsession has taken me through almost every custom shop in the USA. The one shop that has alluded me has been Stan Chen Custom....largely because the cost of admission has always intimidated me. What I...
  20. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Hello everyone, I'll be buying my first high end 1911 in a month. I will be getting my bonus on 02/2017. I'm really looking for a Ed Brown, Volkmann or Guncrafter Industries as my first pick. I'm open to a Wilson Combat and NightHawk too. Maybe even a Les Baer My budget is below $3,000 I'm...