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    looking to trade a beautiful Dan Wesson Gaurdian 45 acp - 500 flawless rounds - never holstered - lived in the safe - This ones a shooter - pic below was @ 25 & 30 yards. Also Comes with case and: 2 DW mags 1 - 8 round chip MCCormick 1 - 10 round chip McCormick I own 3 of these and looking...
  2. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    I have a stainless VBOB in .45 ACP (approx 500 rounds through it) in great condition with the original black VZ grips and an additional pair of Rassco grips (as see n it pictures). I would like to trade strait up for a DW Guardian in .45. My VBOB works great but thinking a guardian will be a...
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    XDM 3.8 compact 9mm bi-tone with all the standard stuff from the factory. 1 13rnd mag and 1 19rnd mag looking to do a trade with like condition lever gun in any of the Goldenboy calibers but would prefer with the 17HMR or 22WMR of a Frontier Thx Rick
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    I've got a few guns I'd be interested in trading for a BEC. Not likely, but figured I'd give it a shot. If you've got one you're interested in parting with - shoot me a PM. Thanks!
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    Looking to trade my most recent impulse buy :) to help with my new found revolver addiction ;) I've got a pretty clean 450 Marlin guide gun, 18.5" ported barrel, it comes with the scope mount seen in the pics, I also have the complete rear sight assembly. Trade value $700 +/- cash Looking for...
  6. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Evolution Armory bobtail commander in 45ACP. This is a custom built gun. I have not fired it, it has been fired some by the previous owner. Price $3000 Or best offer. Please PM offers. Thanks. Reduced price $2850 shipped for check or money order. Credit +3%. Build List and pics. Evolution...
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    Absolutely I have been bitten by the 10mm bug. I'm looking to trade either or both guns for a long slide 10mm 1911. Something higher end than the Bruin. I bought both guns new, so all factory items are included. The STI is unfired (but lightly handled by me) and the DW Bruin has less than...
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    Looking for a cheap slide, cosmetics not important, as long as there are no cracks. 45 is good, 9mm,38,40,10mm also good. Any brand stripped, or a complete llama. Full size or government, anything larger than 4". Have parts for trade, or glass, or jewelry. Posting my etsy store back up...
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  10. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Parts. Rusty, rattle caned, poorly fitted whatever. Or good parts ... I have stuff to trade, too much to list.everything from old ww2 parts (nearly complete set, example, blued arched lined MSH with lanyard loop, grip safety short trigger,...etc) to sweet new parts, (Wilson combat...
1-10 of 10 Results