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  1. Firearm Classifieds
    The 40/9MM BHP has Novak low mount plain rear, plain front. This build was on a new in the box 1995 40SW MK III BHP ($856.00), sent to Heirloom for the SRT with options ($2420.00), Ion-Bond Matt finish, and rear grip stippled to the top of rear. Has the trigger reduction done as well as I feel...
  2. General Firearm Discussion
    Finally got the Prime Elite to a true range day as opposed to just shooting clods on the pasture. I took 8 guns with me today and blazed through a whole mess of ammo. Prime Elite 45 Colt 1991 45 Colt 1091 45 Colt 70 series stainless reissue 45 BEC Roman Flutes 45 Yost Estate Sporting Pinnacle...
  3. 1911 Photo Gallery
    My hard/chrome frame finally got to Ted this morning and he baited me with these pictures this afternoon, he'll shoot it tomorrow and then it's mine, 23 months, start to finish. I'm very excited to run this like a scalded dog over the next month.
  4. 1911 Photo Gallery
    Picked up the Hi-Power today, upon closer inspection it's truly amazing. As good as he is with 1911's I think he's even better with HP and does more with a lesser of a base gun. The safety is amazing, the trigger amazing, the 40 LPI is amazing
  5. Range Reports & Reviews
    Otherwise known as Steve, Burton, Lou, and Yost.... Anyway, its been a while with work and all since I have had a chance to get some range time in, and I had the BEC and the Integrity I hadn't even tried out yet.... So off to the range I go. Started off shooting the Integrity Arms 10mm...
  6. General 1911 talk
    Hopefully some of you will find this amusing. I certainly did when I looked at some of my posting history... Right about this time a decade ago I purchased my first 1911. A Colt 1991 in 45 acp. A gun at the time I was certain would be the only 1911 I ever owned. So sure of this was I that...
  7. General 1911 talk
    I have been waiting for a while now but I finally got the call. Ted is ready to start working on my 1911 build. I sent a Colt WWI Repro black oxide to him over a 18 months ago and he is ready to start working on the gun. I am going to do a Pinnacle build. I want it to honor the classic lines...
  8. General 1911 talk
    Finally managed to get out to the range for the first time in several weeks. Had about 300 rds of 230 grain 45 acp reloaded with 4.7 grains of titegroup. This was my first time shooting the Ionbonded Colt SCG Carry and it shot well. I am working over getting over tennis elbow so I don't think...
  9. 1911 Photo Gallery
    Back when I was waiting for Ted to build my gun I hunted in vain for some raw slabs of ivory for Ted to make grips out of. No luck. Even tried some mammoth people, but their slabs weren't the width Ted likes. So when I ordered a set of ivories from Paul the end of July, I asked him if he...
  10. General 1911 talk
    Ted apparently worked with Melissa McMinn, gun engraver, on something really special. Can't wait to see the pics Tony is taking.
  11. General 1911 talk
    I am not buying this gun, but I do find it to be interesting. It is a 2006 build by Ted on a caspian slide and frame. The gun is marked Yost Custom but the build sheet says Yost-Bonitz. It's a nice represent of Ted's earlier work without some of the polish an refinement of his current builds...
  12. General 1911 talk
    If you were sending a base gun off to one of the big boys for a complete build, which caliber would be your preference?
  13. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Not many pics for such an expensive 1911 but I’m sure an interested party could request more pics. I have no affiliation with the seller just passing this along to anyone who might be looking for a Yost. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/903456906
  14. 1911 Photo Gallery
    In the big city this week with my 4-Hers for Texas 4-H Roundup and picked up some acrylic plates for the Mrs for her mesquite wood earing business. They work well for photographing Ted's masterpieces as well. Not bad for hotel room lighting...
  15. General Firearm Discussion
    Received my Hi-power Ted worked his magic on from Mr. Lear off the classified page. Like my 2 1911s it is a thing of beauty. A range trip is definitely in order. I have never felt the need to go for a HP before due to not liking the 9mm in a 1911, even though I was mighty fond of Ted's work...
  16. General 1911 talk
    I was perusing his Facebook page looking over his hi powers and she was apparently looking over my shoulder and asked what I was doing. Commented I was looking at Ted Yost Hi powers to go along with my 2 Yost 1911s(thank God she hasn't asked me what they cost). She asks some questions than...
  17. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Pictures speak for themselves, finished in March of 2021 less than 3 magazines have been run through the gun. $5,350 shipped and insured The build sheet states blue nitre' accents and that's an error --Ted said he'll fix that.
  18. 1911 Photo Gallery
    In all my scouring of this forum for Ted Yost builds I haven't found a thread that consolidates builds. So here you go, post em if ya got em. May 2021 Pinnacle build Talo Colt WW2 45 acp Estate Sporting June 2011 Colt Delta Elite 10mm Heirloom
  19. 1911 Photo Gallery
    I'm not sure if anyone follows him on Facebook but his stuff is the pinnacle of gunsmithing IMHO I didn't even know anyone had square trigger-guarded a Hi-Power before nor had I seen a magwell on a Hi-Power
  20. 1911 Photo Gallery
    Recently received the second of a pair of Pinnacles Ted Yost built for me this last year. Both are 9mm configured identically except for the finishes. The first to arrive was the blue one, the hard chrome recently arrived. Having issues with my "good camera" and strobe so I snapped these with...
1-20 of 42 Results