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    10-8 Performance's sister company, 10-8 Consulting, will be conducting several 2-day Duty 1911 Courses throughout the country. This course is based on a comprehensive transition course taught to law enforcement personnel intending to carry the 1911 for duty use.

    The 1911 platform requires a more sophisticated end user to properly operate and maintain than typical modern service pistols. With that in mind, this course is specifically designed educate the student on operational theory of the 1911, helping the student avoid reliability pitfalls of the 1911, as well as diagnose and rectify problems as they appear.

    The live fire portion of the course will focus on 1911 specific manipulations, such as proper usage of the mechanical safety, slide stop, and malfunction clearances.

    As time allows, minor reliability tuning of student's pistols may be performed by instructional staff.

    Topics covered include (but are not limited to):

    Basic care and feeding
    Full detail stripping and reassembly
    Proper maintenance, lubrication
    Pros and Cons of firing pin safeties
    Safety checks
    The cycle of operation as it pertains to the 1911
    Diagnosing reliability issues
    Extractor issues, basic tensioning and head geometry
    Inspection points for reliability
    Basic modifications that can be done by the end user to maximize reliability
    Test fire protocols to ensure that your 1911 is fit for duty
    Pros and cons of current commercially available 1911s
    Pros and cons of popular modifications and aftermarket parts
    Other equipment selection

    Marksmanship Fundamentals
    Grip and Recoil Management as it pertains to the 1911
    Support Gear Selection
    Safety Manipulation
    Tactical vs. Emergency Reloads
    Malfunction Clearances
    Drills specifically tailored to address controls of the 1911



    West Coast Armory Indoor Range

    13216 SE 32nd Street

    Bellevue WA



    Garland Police Department

    1891 Forest Lane

    Garland, Texas 75042

    New Holland Rifle & Pistol Club
    589 Meetinghouse Rd.
    Gap, PA 17527


    Oak Tree Gun Club

    23121 Coltrane Ave.

    Newhall, CA 91321


    Pine Tree Gun Club

    Pole #5, Balcom Road

    Foster, RI 02825

    COST: $450 (Includes Range Fees, 10-8 Performance Armorer Block and Tool)

    To register, download our REGISTRATION FORM and return with payment to the address listed on the form. For questions or additional information on the classes, email Tim at 10-8 Consulting.

    1911 Pistol with minimum 3 magazines (Preferably full sized, steel framed Government Model chambered in 45 ACP)
    Belt Holster with Mag Pouch
    Gun Belt such as Wilderness Instructor Belt
    Minimum 300 rounds practice ammunition
    Minimum 50 rounds duty/carry ammunition for test fire
    Eye and Ear Protection
    Baseball style cap is recommended
    Screwdriver to remove grip screws
    3/32" pin punch (Brownells P/N 827-525-790)
    Basic gun cleaning equipment (rod, brush, M16 cleaning toothbrush, etc.)
    Rag or towel to place on table for gun maintenance


    We have gotten a number of requests to bring the Duty 1911 class to various locations around the country. We would be glad to come to you, but due to the special requirements of the class, there are a few prerequisites that must be met:

    We require a range with a classroom which has a Powerpoint projector.
    We need a minimum of 12 paid students for the class. The class host will be primarily responsible for promotion and student recruitment, as they are more familiar with their local area. We will publicize the class through 10-8 Consulting and 10-8 Performance and handle the administration.
    Please note that our 2012 schedule is complete, and no additional classes will be added. If you wish to host a class, we are will start booking for 2013 later in 2012.
  2. G27RR

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    Oct 11, 2011
    I was at the Liberty Hill/Austin class last year and highly recommend it.

  3. Quack

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    Aug 15, 2011
    gotta see if i have a class to teach that is at the same time the 10-8 class is in RI.
  4. RogueClimber

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    Oct 7, 2011
    I'll be at the class in Bellevue. Looking forward to a great time learning more about my UTC!

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