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    Mar 2, 2017
    Guy walks into a bar and orders a beer. He sees a jar full of $100′ S and asks about it. Bartender says, “it’s a manhood test. Put in your $100 and if you

    can pass all three tests all the money is yours. Test one, knock out the bouncer with one punch. Test two, go out back and pull the infected tooth in our pitbulls

    mouth. Test three, go upstairs and sexually satisfy this old hooker, she’s never been satisfied.” Guy slams his beer, puts his $100 in the jar and walks over to the

    bouncer and BOOM!! Bouncers down… Guy slams another three beers and heads out back. They can hear dog barking and growling and the guy is yelling and

    screaming. There’s things being broken and just general mayhem and destruction. Gut walks back in the bar and he is torn up and bleeding from head to toe. He

    slams another beer and asks, “Ok, where’s the hooker with the infected tooth….?”

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