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101st Airborne surplus/ decomissioned Sig Sauer M17

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Offering a decommissioned Sig Sauer M17 with FOIA paperwork which documents that the pistol was issued to the 101st Airborne 502nd IR. I am the original owner and purchased the pistol in early January 2020. Pistol is in very good to excellent surplus condition (listed as excellent in online database). I fired 350 rounds through the pistol shortly after purchase and it has remained in my safe, unused, since that time. The white rack number label on the grip module has been placed on the serial numbered hang tag.

Included is the original Sig cardboard box, certificate of authenticity, the two surplus 21 round mags and one new 17 round mags that came with the pistol, both recoil spring assemblies, hang tag, plastic bags for pistol and mags, and all remaining contents. Also included is a Safariland MHS holster from Ft. Campbell (where pistol was issued), two NOS USGI 17 round mags, two Sig Guy pistol stands with serial number and deployment info, and an M-17 Cerus pistol mat. The M-17 boxed ammo shown in the photos below is not included unless the sale is local, here in the Oklahoma City area.

Based on my research, 101st Airborne M17's with FOIA documentation are currently priced in the neighborhood of $2500 - $3500, but selling at an average of $2500 - $2600. I am asking $2500 shipped in CONUS with the additional accessories which retail for approximately $400. I am willing to sell the pistol without the holster, NOS mags, and pistol mat upon request. The pistol will ship from my FFL to buyer's FFL. Additional accessories would be shipped directly to buyer.

Please feel free to contact me via pm with any questions or offers.

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