1911 22lr ejector fabricate

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    Sep 23, 2016
    I need to make an ACE style ejector, like kimber or sig Sauer, they attach to the barrel.

    Or possibly extend a 38 super extractor.

    I have two if these barrels.
    I plan to mill a flat spot 1", just below the 9:00 .

    I was thinking of grinding down an Allen wrench, pinning it in.

    Any ideas?

    If anyone has a similar system, how far from the barrel face is the ejector extended? And what is the thickness?
    kimber22-02.jpg s-l225 (2).jpg Screenshot_2016-11-23-13-42-14.png Screenshot_2016-11-23-13-42-11.png
    One of The barrels I bought, 20, $25 . one is Italian, not sure where this one is from, the Italian one has a better ramp. kimber22-02.jpg s-l225 (2).jpg a colt ACE, made to be used with the floating chamber. Maybe I need to make it long like this. Screenshot_2016-11-23-13-42-14.png

    The firing pin is a 1/4" bar that strikes the top of the rim fire cartridge . Screenshot_2016-11-23-13-42-11.png

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