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I'm glad everybody's excited about these. They should come out pretty good and although it will be a few weeks to collect orders and get them printed and shipped, I think they'll be worth the wait.

@MrMcSimon, you deserve a gold star for offering these at the price-point you are. If you are interested in buying something I post for sale in the future, I’ll give you a special discount. Just remind me if I get a brain lapse ... which seems to happen more and more as the years pass!
Thanks. I was trying to put them at a nice price point. I didn't even want to have to charge shipping but there wasn't a good way to build it in, or I would have had to raise the price up to retail levels again. It's a fun project and I'm covering all my costs with a little bit of "let's see how it all shakes out", so in the end I shouldn't lose anything and we'll all have some fun shirts to show for it.

Dang it - jumped on it, but no pocket t's this time around.....I HAVE to have a pocket!! Hopefully, next round - please keep me in mind!!
Sent you a PM.

Is the artwork transfer printed onto the shirt or screen printed?

Just ordered one…need to cull my biker T’s. Thanks for setting this up OP.
Lol, me too. 30 years selling t-shirts and most of the ones in my closet are either motorcycle or guns.
41 - 60 of 123 Posts