1911 Compensated Barrel Setup 5" Sold

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  1. Les White

    Les White Well-Known Member

    Nov 17, 2015
    Comp Top.jpg View attachment 163661 View attachment 163661 I bought a Springfield Armory 1911 A-1 with this setup. It is for a 5" 1911 and does not require any modification of the slide. The bore on this is excellent and it does not appear that the lugs have been "messed" with. I pictured it with a slide to give you and idea of what it would look like. The slide is not included. It is bushingless and didn't require any modification to the slide for fit. It has a unique slide stop that would be required for this barrel or a replacement would have to be modified as the top of the slide stop is flat. There is no marking anywhere as to manufacturer. I need to get $125 delivered out of this to come out on my project. I have not shot the pistol with this setup, round count is unknown. Let me know if you need more pics. Comp Left.jpg Compt Right.jpg Comp with Barrel.jpg Comp bottom.jpg View attachment 163659 View attachment 163659
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  2. Fred Butler

    Fred Butler New Member

    Mar 30, 2016
    I’d like the dimension of the width of the hood and the diameter of the barrel just behind the Comp. When you drop a round in the chamber is there any space between the case and the end of the hood?

  3. Les White

    Les White Well-Known Member

    Nov 17, 2015
    I will get that posted today.
  4. Les White

    Les White Well-Known Member

    Nov 17, 2015
    The hood width is 10.5mm or .4134 inches. The diameter of the barrel right behind the comp is 17.64mm or .6945 inches. When I drop a round in the chamber the rear of the case is dead even with the end of the hood.
    I will be moving this to another site if it doesn't sell by Sunday. Thanks for your interest.

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