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1911 Grips For Sale x4 / Full Size Frame

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1) High Figure / Box Elder Burl / Les Baer fit / Mag well cut / $110 Shipped
2) VZ / G-10 Double Diamond / Grey / Mag well cut / $50 Shipped
3) VZ / G-10 / Beveled / Thumb Scoop / Ambi Cut / Dan Wesson takeoffs / $40 Shipped
4) Wilson Combat / G-10 Starburst / Mag well cut / Small thumb scoop / Ambi cut / $50 Shipped
All in like new condition except #3, picked up from another addict.

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Are “Les Baer fit” and non-Les Baer fit mutually exclusive?
They are. LB grips hang over front strap a bit on anything but a LB. If there are others they fit , someone else may chime in.
So the other three pairs of grips are what they are. The original picture of all 4 I took is pretty crappy if I do say so myself.
Here is a much better outdoor pic of the High Figure, Box Elder Burl. Again they are cut to fit Les Baer frames.
This is a better rep of how nice they are.

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Wilsons are Sold, sold, sold!🔨
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