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1911 picture thread.

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Great looking Gaurdian! Love the grips, and black trigger!!
Thanks! ;)
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Received update today on my incoming Signature. She’s coming together boys... View attachment 712280 View attachment 712281 View attachment 712285
Those grips are sexy! What and who are they?

Nice pistola!
My latest pickup from the guys over at Evolution Armory:

View attachment 728203

View attachment 728205

View attachment 728206

Government Size in 45 ACP.

Hope there’s not too many people at the range to get it broken in.


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That's beautiful! Simple and clean! (y)
My name is Edwin and I’m a 1911 Addict.
There, I have said it out loud.
I feel better now lol.
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Yes, Edwin. I would say you certainly qualify for the program!
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A little Red White and Blue courtesy of Ted Yost
View attachment 743472
That's sexy! love the slide-stop treatment!
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Custom 1911 by James Hoag in .45acp with 5", 6", 7" and 8" slides. Bomar sights and Bar-Sto barrels.

View attachment 770184
View attachment 770185

Damn! You should Form 1 that thing and put a stock on it! ;)
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I'm not really into the golf ball thing, but that's freakin' sweet!
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