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So I’ve been thinking, yes that’s a bad deal, right? What pistol has brought me the most enjoyment the last few years. I’ve had a few VERY expensive ones and really didn’t enjoy them as much as a moderately priced one.

I know it may not sound reasonable, but I believe the Alchemy Prime has been my favorite overall. It shoots as well as a pistol I owned that cost double of the Prime. The trigger of the Prime may just be a bit more crisp. The Alchemy certainly is as smooth shooting. The expensive build did have more fluff and buff.

The Prime checks all the “must have” boxes. It’s like a late sixties big block Chevelle, raw, brutal horse power with classic style and appeal.

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Nice pistola Sir! (y)

I enjoy shooting my semi-customs, because I built them the way I wanted them. Now if I could get Alchemy to build one configured the way I would want it, and if I could afford it (HUGE if...) I wouldn't mind having one. But I'm not sure I'd enjoy shooting it any more than I do mine. Yea, I'm weird... :ROFLMAO:
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